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Custom Production Closure (May-July)

Kristen Childs | 25 April, 2022

            Custom Production Closure (May-July)

We are temporarily closing our books

to prepare for our next big project. Our goal is to have 10,000 units available for national distribution by the fall.


🔘 What's new with Minovet?

- Our business and the demand for our items and services is growing, and we must adjust to meet these demands. This means many changes are happening that will affect our ordering process and our fulfillment capabilities for the other brands that we serve.


🔘 What does this mean for custom ordering?

- Any items that are needed during this time must have their paid order in our books by April 30th. 50% deposits are available for orders over $2,000. The remaining payment must be made 4 weeks prior to your order completion. We do not begin cutting or sewing until your order is paid in full.
- Orders that require custom work (tags or logos) will be fulfilled in June. Our May production calendar is fully booked and we are not able to 'squeeze in' or accommodate any expedited order requests.
-  We are not fulfilling any custom orders in the months of July- September. That time is reserved for us to replenish our own inventory. We have been taking care of everyone else for so long, and now we must reserve time for ourselves and we hope everyone understands.
-  Ordering will resume on August 1 for fulfillment beginning October 1st and ending on November 20th. Please keep these dates in mind for your winter holiday sale planning. Once our production capacity has been reached for that time frame (about 3,000 pieces) we will close ordering options again until 2023.

🔘 What options do you have once our books close?

- During any production closure, you will always have the option to purchase and distribute our Minovet branded items. Our items are always available for both retail and wholesale ordering.
- You can also order our Blank White-Label items. These items are made without tags or branding where they can be customized by you or your custom connections. Anything that requires us to change anything will not be available during our custom closures. This affects both private-label and custom-made-to-order items.
- If you are a custom shop and have the ability to customize our white-labe bonnets, pleasecontact us to initiate a relationship where we can refer our custom customers to you.


🔘 A message to our wonderful clients... 

- We deeply apologize if this affects any of your plans, but these changes must happen as the popularity of brand and our items grow. The best way to ensure that all of your needs are met, is to order early and to order enough to get you through each season.
- We can no longer accommodate smaller orders, so ordering 100 items or more of each item is required to receive any customized item.
- You can sign up to become a premium client if your ordering needs will exceed 1,000 items per year. As a premium client, our closures will not affect our manufacturing agreements with you. A set amount of time on our calendar will always be reserved for you. Please apply to become a premium client at

Thank you so much for understanding and we hope that we can continue to grow alongside you.


🔘 More about Minovet LLC

- We are a small black-owned hair accessory and loungewear manufacturer and supplier. Our small team of 2-4, designs and creates our bonnets in our own manufacturing studio.

- The amount of items that we are able to make is limited and we require time to fill your orders. We are NOT a create on-demand or ship on-demand company. All of our items are made with love and care and requires time to create.

- The time needed to fulfill your order is not the time we need to make your items, but it is the time it takes to get to your order. We have 10 or more orders on our books at any given time. Your payment holds your place in line and is why we require time and full payments before we begin on any order. Deposits allow us to purchase the materials needed to complete your order, but no material is cut or sewn until your order is paid in full. The 50% deposit that we allow on orders over $2,000 is NON REFUNDABLE. The ordered material can be sent to you in the event you are not able to complete your order.

- We DO NOT compare to mass manufacturing facilities here in the states or overseas. We appreciate you choosing us over them, but please do not expect the same turnaround time or pricing. We provide high-end items made from high-quality materials and our prices reflect that. Our prices are set publicly posted for you to determine if we are a good fit for your brand.

- If you plan to sell your satin bonnets for less than $20, we will not be a good fit for you since our bonnets cost anywhere from $13-20 at wholesale, depending on what your order includes and your order size. Our bonnets retail anywhere from $25-45 each and they sell easily at that price point when they are marketed correctly.


🔘 In closing...

We appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to grow from your support and we are very excited to take this next journey with you. We hope your support for our company continues.

Here's to a bigger and brighter future with all of you! 🥂



Kristen Childs (aka@Minovet Krissy)
Owner and Lead Designer of Minovet LLC