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We want to show the world that business owners can work together in peace and grow as a unit. There is power in numbers and when everyone supports one another, great things can happen. Join our Big Boss Family and let's show the world how it is done! 
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This is not an application for employment or direct compensation although being a part of this journey may lead to business growth and may generate sales leads.  This documentary will require some form of investment either time or financial to be included in all endeavors that we will be offering. For example, event participation, traveling, and outside media arrangements for promotion and marketing of your individual brands may require some form of investment. All items that require payment for participation will always be discussed before we sign anyone up for anything. Everyone can decide at that time if he or she wants to be included in the endeavor. Participation in every event is not required, but participation in some events will be needed to remain active in our documentary. We plan to document businesses candidly and in a positive light. Exposure and experience is the goal and this documentary and journey may lead to business growth and business connections that can make a great impact on your business and your overall success. You are still in control of your business and all sales, bookings, and all money making transactions that are made with our, Minovet's, initiation is still yours to keep. The more you participate, the more opportunities you have to be seen and to be successful with us. You set the level of growth you plan to achieve with us. In the process of filming this documentary, all will receive promo pictures and videos to use to promote themselves and their own businesses however they wish. Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any. We can be contacted here for any specific inquiries. 
Peace and Blessings, 

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