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Beginning May 1, 2021, you must be a premium member to order our fully customized and made-to-order bonnets. Our ready-to-ship bonnets are always an option for everyone.

Royalty Perks

We provide services and product discounts to ease the financial burden of building a successful retail business.


Other perks can also include discounts to our business partners, business-building events like webinars or one-on-one classes, and early access to our new products. We are adding new perks often, but the only way to enjoy these perks are to be a part of our Royal Minovet family.


Upon signing up, you will receive one free business evaluation and ongoing strategy meetings throughout the life of your subscription to ensure you are moving towards your goals. We provide more than private-label products. You can also sit with us to learn how to expand and scale your business, as well as how to add additional sources of revenue to your brand. Learn from our experiences and grow alongside us.

Product Sourcing

We specialize in hair care and self-care accessories, and now loungewear as well. Items that we do not make regularly, we do not mass produce ourselves, but we do have factories that we work with. These are vetted factories that we have sampled and ordered many of our own products from that can also create the perfect item for you. We use our design expertise and relationships with our production partners to source your products on your behalf as your product designer. We know what questions to ask, what details to include in purchase orders, and what quality and compliance issues to look for to ensure that you receive perfect products every time. Don't go at this alone!

Handmade Bonnet Designs

Our top-selling made-to-order bonnets and edge wraps have been keeping us busy. The demand for these items has far exceeded our production capabilities and has caused major delays in the past. To keep our production running smoothly and efficiently, we are hiring and growing our facility to be able to take on more. Until then, we have decided to limit how many custom orders we take to make sure our customers receive the customer care that they deserve. Our custom bonnet creation is now an exclusive product, reserved only for our premium members.

Custom-designed bonnets are where bonnets are created with your selection of color combination, style, and full branding options.

Our ready-to-ship private label bonnets are always available for everyone.


Enjoy the benefits of bulk wholesale without the large upfront investment. The rates offered to our Premium Members are normally only available when you purchase 200 or more of any item. You can also order smaller quantities as a premium member.


Subscribe to receive your custom bonnets monthly to keep a constant flow of bonnets coming to your mailbox. 

A perfect fit for businesses that have high sale conversions. 

Pick how many you'd like to receive a month. Use the bulk chart to help you decide how many you need.


Regular Bulk Pricing    vs    Member Bulk Pricing

Member pricing includes organza bags and product cards as well. That's an additional savings!

Turquoise Couch

Frequently asked questions

Premium Memberships

I'm interested in bonnet wholesale. Can I buy without being a member?

Thank you for your interest in making Minovet your product source. You do not need to be a premium member to purchase our wholesale bonnets. You can purchase our ready-to-ship bonnets from our Private-Label Collection in our online store at any time. These bonnets are pre-made and on our shelves awaitng you to purchase them. They can be customized with your logo on the tags and logo on the body of the bonnet. You can also add bags or other packaging to make them a fully branded product. The color options are predetermined and cannot be changed. What you can purchase is limited to what is readily available. If it shows as in-stock on our website, it is an item we have on-hand. In order to change the sizes, colors, or any other design detail, you would have to custom order which does require you to be a premium member. Custom design services are reserved for paid members only.

What is the difference in pricing for paid members?

In general, paid members receive up to a 10% off coupon code, depending on your subscription level, that can be used on any product or service that we offer. If you have added a bonnet subscription to your membership, you save even more. The savings with an add-on bonnet subscription can be up to an additional 10% off plus complimentary orgaza gift bags and product cards for every item. You also have the opportunity to order smaller quantities as a paid member. Normal MOQs are 20-50 items. The MOQs for premium members is 10. The cost is a bit higher for smaller orders, but the capability to buy in smaller amounts is something that we only offer to our paid members. Example of how you could save: 50 large bonnets with custom tags, logos, and packaging are $18 each for a non-member. They are $16 for a paid member. That is a $2 difference per bonnet. $2 multiplied by 50 bonnets is a savings of $100. As a paid member you would also receive free gift bags and product cards. That is an additional savings of $30 since we charge $0.60 for each item for that add-on. A total savings of $130 for one order shows how valuable a $40 membership can be. If you are a bulk buyer and plan to purchase more than 50 items a month, then the Silver, Gold, or larger membership may be a good options for you. The perks in the larger accounts offer bigger discounts, and the ability pay-as-you-go.

What is the pay-as-you-go option?

The silver membership and higher memberships give you the ability to pay-as-you-go. This means after paying for your subscription service, you have the option to select a larger wholesale quantity to enjoy the better wholesale rate, but you break down the full payment into weekly or bi-weekly payments. We ship out your items according to what percentage of the order has been paid for. The maximum time for payment installments is 2 months, but your membership fees are due still monthly. You can apply to have your installment spread out further, but keep in mind that your membership fees are due monthly and can add to the cost of your product costs if you do not utilize any of the other member perks. Example of a pay-as-you-go order: Silver Membership = $75.00 and is automatically withdrawn from your account monthly. You order 50 bonnets at $16/bonnet equalling $800. You choose to pay $200 bi-weekly for 2 months. This payment option allows us to create 12 bonnets for you every 2 weeks (14 bonnets in your final shipment). This gives you the abilitly to spread out your payment and make room for you to sell as you buy. Use the income from your sold items go payoff your full order. With responsible buying, you can also use the smaller upfront investment as a way to order additional products that you would have normally had to wait to buy. We do recommend that you have a business and financial plan that will help you make sure that you can afford what you are buying in advance. This is an alternative to a net30 or net 60 account. It does require an initial payment and a structured payment plan. If you ever need to cancel your order due to your inability to pay, you will not be allowed to enroll in our bonnet subscription service again, and we do not release the remaining items in your order until your full payment has been made. We do also accept AfterPay for product purchases. AfterPay relies on your ability to repay and the approval process is not determined by Minovet, LLC. This cannot be used for membership fees at this time but can be used on products on our website. You can use your coupon code to receive member discounts. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not report payments made to any of the credit bureaus, but we do report accounts that are in default and in collections. This service gives smaller businesses the ability to sell as they purchase and open up opportunities to keep their shelves stocked without the large upfront investment.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log onto your accout portal. https://zohosecurepay.com/subscriptions/minovet/ Step #1: From your portal home page, click on the [Subscriptions] tab. Step #2: Click on the membership you want to cancel. Step #3: Click on the ellipsis to open your options. Then click [Cancel Subscription] Step #4: Confirm your cancellation by clicking [Cancel at End-of-term] button You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will cancel at the end of your subscription month and you are able to use all of your member perks until then. Please note that there may be a waiting list to reinstate your subscription and you may be subjected to any updated rates. Your product and service rates are locked in at the time of each subscription sign-up and are not automatically transferred over from previous subscriptions.

I am in the need of additional products outside of my bonnet subscription. How do I order?

To receive our lowest bonnet subscription rate, you must order your bonnets within your subscription. This fee must be paid upfront and is not eligible for our pay-as-you-go option. Additional items needed that are outside of your normal subscription can be purchased with your discount code online or with a rep. The special bonnet subscription rate only applies within the subscription billing. Your rep can increase your bonnet quantity in your bonnet subscription for your next billing cycle and shipment. This can be adjusted with every cycle but does not implement until the next billing cycle. For example: If your subscription auto-renews on April15th and you request to increase or decrease your monthly bonnet quanitity on April 21st, the new rate will be adjusted on the following month's bill, May 15th. The shipment for April (typically sent within 3-4 weeks of your subscription payment, so around May 6-13th) will be of the original amount. The new amount will not be sent until after May's payment (around June 5-12th). Additional bonnets purchased with your discount code will ship within the normal fulfillment times of 3-6 weeks. Please contact us if expedited service is needed. If our production allows it, this is an option at an additianal fee.

How soon can I expect my first shipment after signing up?

Your initial shipment can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on your order inclusions. Smaller orders can be shipped faster than larger orders. Blank orders or orders with tags only also ship faster than fully customized orders that include logos on the actual items and not just the tags or packaging. Once your first order has been sent, you can expect your reecurring orders to be sent to you monthly. If you are on a pay-as-you-go installment plan, you can expect your smaller partial shipments within 1-2 weeks after your payments have cleared.

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