Are You Truly Happy?

Whole, Happy, & Blessed #SimplyMINO

First off, what is happy?

According to Google, happy is as follows:

hap·py ˈhapē/adjective

1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

2. fortunate and convenient.

If you are in a combative state, if your thoughts automatically lead you to believe everyone around you is out to get you, if you truly believe that everyone has an alternative agenda, there is in no way shape or form a possibility that you are a truly happy person. By definition, that is impossible. Having those thoughts show no signs of pleasure or contentment. The easiest way to remove those thoughts and finding your happy is to learn to remove your opinions of others thoughts and to focus on your own. You cannot cleanse your own thoughts if you are trying to figure out everyone else's. Learn how to become a literal person. Don't assume what is, and only focus on what actually is. I fall out of so many relationships because I don’t question, I don’t force anything, and I don’t argue. I just follow suit. I don’t entertain anything outside of me being happy and I don’t allow others to tell me who I am. I am sure of myself and know who I am. I’m sure many, many situations are weighed on me because I could have easily resolved them, but I made it a habit of letting people be who they are on their own and to stop trying to correct others thoughts of me. I just continue to work on me and I continue to remain happy. I love the people that love me and I ignore any that feel any other way. Their thoughts are none of my concern and I hate no one. Regardless of how things turn out, my heart doesn’t have the ability to hate. I’ll remove you before those feelings ever occur. My little family: my husband and my children, are the only relationships I fight for and so far they haven’t made me do that. I am so grateful for them! I have everything I need right here. When you are whole, nothing can knock you off of your higher ground. So whole that they can’t get any footing up here to have the leverage to even attempt to push me. Work on finding the whole you and watch your life change for the better. Real happiness doesn't have to be proven. It just shows.

Phrase of the day: Find your whole happy you!

#happy #social #holistic #inspiration #life #lifequotes #SimplyMINO

#Happy #Holistic #Social #Inspiration #Life #LifeQuotes

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