Being Opportunistic Isn't Always Bad

Take a leap of faith!

I hate when people downgrade opportunist as a whole without fully knowing what the term means. When you grab a dictionary, read past the first definition listed or dig a little deeper when reading Facebook posts or articles. Facebook will keep you in a tiny box and send you clean off. In general, opportunists are seen as people with a bad characteristics that only revolve around them looking out for themselves, no matter who or what else is effected, and with no regard to the outcome of anyone other than themselves. But on the flip side, if an unplanned opportunity falls in your lap, with positive impact to all involved, it must be taken advantage of. Sometimes it is okay and very necessary to take advantage of something. The term taking advantage is not always related to bad things. Extremely simple example: If you go to the store to buy ground beef at $4.99/lb but see ground turkey is on sale and is only $1.99/lb and you equally like both, or the sale entices you to change your mind, you take advantage of the opportunity in that sale and buy the greater value. You either only buy what you need and save money, you spend what you were already planning on spending and stretch your dollar getting double the meat for the same price, or you purchase the max amount allowed and get even more for you dollar in the long run. When opportunities to advance without the hindering of anyone else arise, and you choose to not react, you are a failure by default. You can't win in something that you aren't even a part of. Think about it! Be an opportunist...take the chance...leap!!! Just be a positive opportunist. Don't screw people over or use them when you are doing so. That is the difference between an positive opportunist and a self involved opportunist with no morals. Know the difference! #GoBeGreat #SimplyMINO

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