Coronavirus - Should We Be Concerned?

Alright...I'm going to speak on it. Covid-19 is a thing and we should all be concerned. Even as a young healthy human (in case all that are reading are not human, lol), you should still be concerned. Obviously not a professional but I am an avid news watcher of all networks, not just MSNBC, but that is who I am watching right now. I love Rachel Maddow btw... but anywho...this is me reporting the news the same way everyone else is...do not come for me. I'll ignore you. I just want to spread some awareness for those that are only relying on Facebook-like blogs for the news. I have linked reputable resources below if you need to check anything that I stated if you need to read it for yourself. Let's break all of this down!

First, this is not a brand new disease. Coronavirus has been around before. SARS is a coronavirus. Covid-19 is a new strain of the Coronavirus and there is no vaccine for it. So let's throw that out there for all the post saying, how is a new disease all of a sudden and they are trying to force us into a new vaccine. There is no vaccine.

  • Airlines have cut flights and prices...why?

  • The NBA is suspending the NBA Season...why?

  • Movie premieres postponed until the end of the year...why?

  • Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other large corporations have canceled million-dollar seminars and events...why?

Not because of a small scare or hoax. Millions maybe even billions of dollars will be lost, on purpose, to reduce the spread of this disease. When and why will any greedy American corporation ever lose money on purpose? Please take this seriously. Yes, your young healthy self may not be affected, but someone around you or around that someone that you come in contact with may give it to someone that may be affected. It sounds like a stretch but it is very possible. Consider your compromised loved ones. When you come back from your cheap flight, avoid people that may not be as healthy as you, because you may still carry the disease even if you look and feel fine. DON’T BE A SERIAL SPEADER!

And last but not least, yes only 1,100 people are testing positive, but remember only 5,000 of the 240 million people in the US have been tested. Check those stats! Those odds suck!

  • We went from 1 to 1100 in only 6 weeks and only 5k have actually been tested.

  • Every single school from pre-k to college is closed for 2 weeks in the entire city of Seatle, WA...yes here in the US.

  • In Italy, which according to stats we are on the same trajectory that they are on, there is the border to border quarantines. No one in, no one out and all gatherings including church events, weddings, and even funerals are banned.

The numbers are low here because we aren't testing. Not because it is not here. Trump doesn't want this to affect his reelection so they didn't prepare and in return aren't testing which makes it worse, because people don't know they are carrying the disease. It is in the NBA (Utah Jazz and OKC Thunder under quarantine after positive tests), Celebrities now have it (Tom Hanks and his wife just made his announcement - they are in Australia but it still puts a big face in the forefront of this. Hopefully, that brings more awareness. At least they were able to be tested there). Congressional staff in Washington DC also have been tested positive. That news just also broke. No news on the President. Like he would ever tell the truth anyway...

They believe a third of the country will ultimately get it (over 70 million people) and most will live on with no hitch and not even know they have it, but what about the ones that do have issues? If hospitals are overwhelmed with Coronavirus scares, how many will not get the care that they need because they are scared to go to the hospital or think they can't afford it? How many ER visits for other health conditions don't get seen right away because there are no beds available and die while waiting? Don't be so into yourself that you disregard the ones that it does threaten. Keep your auto-immune and health compromised loved ones in your thoughts. People like me with type 1 diabetes or people with sickle cell disease, cancer, severe asthma, MS, COPD or other diseases, especially respiratory diseases are vulnerable. Grandparents and all the elderly the same are vulnerable. Protect them, by protecting yourself. If you leave the country, know there is a chance you may not be able to get back in. They are banning flights back into the country as well as stopping flights from hotspots within the country. They are quarantining entire hotels and cruises when people and staff are falling ill. Can you afford to be stuck on vacation? They aren't scaring you all with this to get you to vaccinate. There isn't even a vaccine available yet. Not for another 12-18 month minimum if they even ever get one. Why are we even spreading that theory? If and when it does come out, it won't be mandatory just like the Flu Shot. Just don't take it if you don't want to. Be "The Resistance," (I know you all are going to humor me). If all schools can close in Seatle, it can happen here in Chicago and anywhere else too. Are you prepared for your kids to be out of school for a whole 2 weeks or more? When booking those flights, put a little extra to the side for possible childcare needed, extra food for everyone while you are all home and a few spliffs. You might need it! (An extra lol for the uptight naysayers).

...Oh, and use soap! Hand sanitizer is a crutch, not a solution!!! Hygiene is key in any situation, not just during a pandemic. WASH YOUR HANDS! #ThatIsAll


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All General Info About Covid-19 from the CDC - Do your own research!


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