Don't Let Them Get To You

In today's society, you have to be solid. The internet can be a cold, cold place. A miserable soul or clout chasing troll will come and try to make a good thing something else because that is just what the times are full of right now. When you are a public figure, whether it be from your public stature, as an advocate of any movement, as an owner of a business, or founder of an organization, you will get dislikes. Some negative critiques, unwarranted opinions, sarcasm, hate, lies, and negativity when it doesn't apply to anything you are doing. You have to take it with little to no reaction and thrive on. Everyone will not like you no matter how dope you are. There will always be a Negative Nancy or a Shady Sean. Unless their words or actions are solid hits to your reputation or business, keep your reactions simple and cute. Don't show that you are bothered or confrontational. If they are an actual threat, prepare to take legal action but still watch how you respond. Once it has been said on the internet, it is forever. Don't end up on someone's receipts. People are watching and waiting to give bad news. People hate how the shade room does people when drama ensues, but some of your shadiest reporters are in your favorite person's list and are ready to screenshot you. Remember you are always being tested. If the situation isn't a direct reaction to your karma it is a test. Karma is always looking for balance and will show up when you least expect it. You can ward off that bad karma by leveling out or over leveling the scale. But remember again... karma is always seeking balance. If you are an extremely positive person, the negativity will come in troves because of that balance trying to do what balance does. You will always have to be on guard or at least aware that this is happening. Keep adding as much good as you an to make all those bad decisions you made in life less prominent. Old unfavorable deeds can weigh you down but the good, if done consistently and frequently, will outweigh those bad actions. Although you can't control people's actions, you can control your reaction. Keep your vibration in line with the energy you wish to thrive in. The world isn't perfect and distractions will always present themselves. You will be interrupted by negativity often. It is a given. Don't let those bad vibes in. Keep your glow and let them roll on and beyond you. If something does manage to enter your temple, make sure to get up and open the back door so it finds its way out. If you react to every single piece of negativity your peace and happiness will eventually be affected. Don't give them that power. Keep your head high and shine on! We are rooting for you!!!


About the author:

Minovet Krissy A seamstress with a passion for fashion, natural hair, business development, community support, as well as mental health and self-care. I am the owner of Minovet LLC which is a handmade traveling boutique that specializes in natural hair care accessories and custom fashion wear for the entire family. Minovet LLC also provides business services that include business branding solutions and strategic business planning to new and upcoming businesses at an affordable rate. My satin bonnets have been seen on WCIU Chicagos The Jam thanks to an opportunity with The Look Chicago. I have been interviewed on The Russell Price Jr Show (Washinton, D.C.), Purposely Awakened Magazine (Los Angeles, CA), Scene Chicago (Chicago, IL), Que Radio (Chicago, IL), ESM Radio (Lisle, IL), and on Tell the Wold with Stephen Jahseed (Elgin, IL). I have also previously hosted BAB Radio with Scene Chicago powered by Urban Broadcast Media (Chicago, IL) and I am a current host of On The Scene (Chicago, IL). As a business owner that started with very limited resources but still managed to consistently move forward on my journey to success, I use my blog and platform to show others the way. I was able to find a path forward with limited funds, limited resources, and very little support all while struggling with chronic illnesses and financial misfortune due to my health conditions. I take my life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and share them with the work in hopes of inspiring others to also go for their dreams. In the face of adversity I am still a light, blessed, and highly favored! I #Inform, I #Impact, and I #Inspire. Inspired by all! Intimidated by none! The thoughts of me #NoThemeAttached... Mesmerizing InnovationsNaturally Outstanding #simplyMINO Follow me on Facebook


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