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Being successful is always the goal. Whether it be in finances, with health, or socially. Never let someone else’s success make you feel like you have failed, and never let your success and people's possible negative response to your success stop your grind towards your prosperity. Success is success no matter what the rate of the improvement is. Once you start to do better, never let anyone make you feel bad or put you down about what you do with YOUR increase. If God didn’t want you to have it, he would not have given it to you. If it was meant for someone else, they would have it. Charity should be given at will and not pressured by guilt. Your success is your business. You worked hard for it, you earned it, therefore it is your business and your business alone, on what you decide to do with it. You can spend it, save it, invest it, or give it away at your leisure. How can someone make you feel bad for not helping them out? Especially if they don’t value you unless you are writing checks or giving free or basically free time and services away. No matter how much you do for someone, even through the tricks and games they may put you through, they are never satisfied. Some already know what their obligations are to others and have put a space between the shenanigans and ill-use. Sometimes they are labeled as horrible persons that forgot where they came from and forgot who used to help you out. It's very funny how people forget all the good you do for them and only remember when you decide enough is enough.

I’m no expert in psychology and I am definitely not rich by the land. But I am more than wealthy with the spirit and grace of God. Some people would rather see you fail than to be great, unless it benefits them. Don’t let these toxic people keep you from your blessings by building hate and/or gloating to prove a point. Remove the negativeness from your life and keep your eye and heart on the word. The respect will follow with your absence, or the gap may grow wider. Just remember to keep your spirit clean and positive and you will continue to prevail. Don’t let the negative thoughts and actions of others alter what God has for you. #StayPositive #BeProsperous #ThankHimAdvance

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