Episode #1 - When Others Doubt You

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Have others doubted your dreams? What was their reason for the doubt and did their doubt affect your outcome?

Some doubt you because they lack the faith in themselves, and therefore everyone around them. Some doubt because they know your past and don't think you can achieve things based off of who you used to be. Some doubt you because they don't see your whole vision or they think you dreams and visions are too large and unreachable. Some doubt you because they don't want to see you win. It can also be self doubt. The faith you carry for yourself may not be grand enough. Why is that and what do you do to remove that doubt? Let's talk about it!

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Tip of the week:

Go hard regardless of who supports you! ~Minovet Krissy💋
Go Hard Regardless Of Who Supports You!
Tip of the week: Go Hard Regardless Of Who Supports You!


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