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We have been quiet because of our CEO's life as a #T1D demanded her full attention. All is well and we have not stopped planning. A break was necessary to make sure that the grind can continue flawlessly. Thank you to all for sticking around and understanding that. Thank you to all that gave first-hand help and all that prayed and wished us well from afar. We appreciate all support and in whatever form you provide it in. We really do! So first to each and every one of you reading this and at whatever moment you are reading it, we are sending our sincerest gratitude!

Now let’s get to some business, and still with gratitude. Another way we want to show our appreciation for you all is to share some things that we have been working on here first. For the remainder of the year, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING to our big spenders. Thank you for making your investment purchase with us. Spend $500 or more with us and use the code #BIGSPENDER to enjoy those perks.

For Cyber Monday we will be offering everyone:

  • 20% off of all products that can be purchased online #CYBERMONDAY

  • 30% off of all products or services that require a consultation, design or wholesale service #CYBERBIZ

Big Spender Deal is valid through 12/31/2019 11:59:59pm CST

9:59:59pm PST/10:59:59pm MST/12:59:59pm EST

Both Cyber Monday Deals are valid through 12/2/2019 11:59:59pm CST

9:59:59pm PST/10:59:59pm MST/12:59:59pm EST

Codes are not valid on sale items. Orders placed with codes that are not valid for coupon use will be sent an adjustment request or cancellation notice Thank you for accepting and understanding our policy.

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