Garlic Butter Burgers

Nothing more American than a good cheese burger. But we don't just want a cliche hamburger. In this blog I will be giving you one of my personal favorite after school quick fixes. This burger is full of flavor and quirk and it is ridiculously affordable. This burger recipe yields 4 servings and can be easily altered to fit your family's needs. I used ground turkey instead of a more expensive sirloin or ground round to save a few coins. The cost of one burger at any restaurant will easily cover or come close to covering burgers for a family of four. Save your dollars and eat in tonight!

So many ways to tweak and adjust this recipe to make it your own form of greatness. I would love to know how you make your perfect patties and if you decided to use my recipe. Let me know how your burgers came out and leave a review below. #JoinTheConversation #LetsTalkAboutIt #BlogWithMe #simplyEdible #food #simplyMINO

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Want a printable copy🗒? Click the picture ⬆️⬆️⬆️ to be able to print and add to your recipe binder at home!

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