Handbook to Peaceful, Social Life as a Boss

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

by Minovet Krissy

A No-Nonsense Relationship Guide to the Kindhearted Entrepreneur


Can I vent to you all about things I have experienced in my life? Can I have a moment of your time? I have to get back to work soon, I am always so busy, you know, so I won’t hold you for long. This will be a really quick read; straight to the point, and it’s going to pack a punch, so get ready! Everyone begs for real, so real is what you are about to get.

To all of my kindhearted bosses, I want to save you some time and save you a little bit of heartache. Learn from my mistakes and implement some of the things that have worked for me. Now to the other folks, and all that like to be heavily opinionated. Your opinions are irrelevant. Read and get your attitudes in order. This is an attitude constructor or a first-class trip to anywhere but in my space type of book. There is no in-between. It’s time to take charge of your life and to stop letting the unworthies dim your light, stall your growth, and distract you from doing what you came here to do. Stop allowing negativity to halt the #BossUpEffect.

So to tell you a little bit about me, really quickly, I am a strong-minded powerhouse, packed into a very small package. When my mind is set, it is set, and there is nothing you can do to sway my swag. I am not stubborn, I just know what I want and how I want to do things. I do not bend to anyone's wind. I am this way because I think things out fully before I ever move or act on anything. I never react to hate. I never sneak diss and I never shame anyone, but I will drop some facts on you all. My favor has been too great for me to lose it due to me being petty. I do though, have every right to state my case, as I randomly chose to do. Well, here’s a fair warning, because I am about to do it right now. I do this from time to time because it actually keeps people from trying things with me. This weeds them out before they even get the opportunity to encroach on my space. Many know that I am a no-nonsense type of friend. You get one shot with me. I don’t do shade, I don’t do disrespect, and I don’t do or deal with funny acting behavior. None! So this is proactive housekeeping. So there is no need to react. Understand the difference between the two. If this rubs you the wrong way, then that’s on you. I am not trying to lace up anyone’s boots for them, but if it fits…it ships. So tell those that fit the bill to get to correcting their attitude and the way they think, if they want to stay here.

I have decided to write this book because it helps people that question how they should handle things or what they should even deal with when it comes to their own lives. I know this because people tell me. I keep it real and real people love that. Let me save you some precious time by telling you how I maintain my peace so well. You don’t have to follow my handbook but you can surely take heed to it when you are dealing with me.

Take heed or watch me leave. No closure needed...


January 2020 Excerpt - Do You Boo!

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