Hold On, My Friend! 🙏🏽

Praying for the strength of all my loved ones that are going through something right now. This is not the end, your struggles do not define you, and most of all, there are so many that love you and want to see you smile. Don't give up, hold on, and remember that yes, favor isn't fair and neither is life, but you are alive, air fills your lungs, and you have the ability lean on the ones that care for you when you need it. Stop trying to be so strong all the time and fight secretly inside. It's okay to cry and it is okay to hurt, but please don't suffer alone. This is coming from someone that has suffered in silence FOR YEARS!!! It did me absolutely no good and it almost took me out. Remember people do care. It may seem like no one is paying you any attention, which a lot of times many aren't, but it is also because they have no idea of the magnitude of your struggle without you telling them. No one can react to a situation that they do not know about, and you have to remember that people have their own issues that they are trying to get through and may not notice yours because they are so troubled with their own. It is very selfish for someone to think that their struggles deserve all of someone's attention especially if they are supposed to ignore their own issues to help you. You being the strong person that you are, you may feel that people should come running to your side to support you the way that you do for them, but you must remember, not everyone is strong enough to fight their own battles as well as yours or anyone else's. Being the champion for all has its drawbacks when it comes time for you to get the support you need. Everyone may assume you have it under control. So if you start to talk about things, and enlighten your loved ones, they will know that sometimes you need help too. Find someone you love and trust, or even find an unbiased party that is willing to listen...someone that you may not personally know, and spill the beans already. You will feel so much better releasing some of that stress and buildup. It won't fix the problems, but the release of pressure will keep your bubble from bursting.

There are many apps for people not ready to speak on their issues that can help you do this. You can write anonymously and have pen pals that respond, give inspiration, or also will share their story with you. Many of these apps give you an unbiased and judge free ear while protecting your identity if that is what you want. I used to use one that I loved. It is called #stigma (identified by a green heart) by Stigma, Inc. Download it at getstigma.com. It is a mood tracker and a peer support app. Filled with people that all need someone to talk to with all types of life going on around them that need a listening ear. You have the option of making an alias or going completely unknown and you get real responses, read real stories, and have journal space for your eyes only if you care to keep things completely private, I do love the fact that you always have the option of sharing those journal entries later to a community of people willing to listen or to a pen pal's inbox if you find someone that you relate to and helps you get through some of your rough days. They chime in with their stories, give you an outside opinion, or just offer genuine support. Of course, you can block people that do not do you any good, but I have honestly never blocked anyone on that app. Everyone that has decided to reach out to me has been a true delight and blessing on my life and I prayed for them, as I did myself, because if they were on the app, they were also going through something that they were not willing to talk to others face to face about. It is a community of souls helping souls and I loved it. Try it out. It worked for me for a long time. It may also work for you. I haven't used it much lately, but that is only because the amount of support that I gained from this app, all from people that I don't even know, gave me the courage and the drive to start to talk about things more in public. Your story may inspire someone also going through things to keep pushing. With that app, I found my calling of being an inspiration to others and is what ultimately made me start writing about myself and health issues on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook. My pages almost completely switched topics for a while. I have so many supporters that want to see me happy and achieve, and that want to share their story with me. More than the actual people around me.

The internet can be a cold, cold place, but it can also be a place full of great benefits if you use it the right way. There are so many that want to see you smile! You can cry your tears now, but the tears will eventually stop flowing and your happiness will return again. One day at a time. In order for us to make it out, we have to learn how to move forward and stop blaming ourselves for everything. Life does happen in response to us, but some things are completely out of our control. Life isn't fair and we were dealt a really crappy hand, but don't let that hand define you. Let that hand give you the backstory that proves how great you really are. Through all of your struggle and all of your pain, you still made it. Be the phoenix we all know you can be and be the testimony that others look to when they need inspiration. Love you all. Hope this helps anyone that needs it, and I will continue to pray for grace and mercy onto your life. #YouGotThis #HoldOn #BeBlessed


"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride...

The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah"

~Psalms 46:1-3, 7


#MorningMotivation #Blessings #Grace #Spiritual #Inspire #Glory #Spirit #Inspiration #Positivity

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