Holiday Prep Time - Are you ready?

We are coming to a close for quarter 3 with September being the last month of this quarter. Have you started your holiday prep yet? Now is a great time to evaluate your holiday budget and quotas that you plan to meet. Don't wait until Q4 to prepare for Q4. End this quarter with a bang while getting your inventory, marketing tactics, and posting schedule ready for the season of increase. What are you planning for October 1st?

Let's share notes

We are adding gift sets to our holiday lineup. We are currently researching upgraded product packaging for pre-packaged gifts. Clients love to shop for items that don't need additional packaging when it comes to the holiday season. Look into gift boxes, gift bags, thank you cards, and simple add-ons to your current times that will make the perfect gift set. Focus on your top-selling items and then add other products that don't sell as fast on their own that compliment the top-sellers. Adding other knick-knacks to complete the set is another way to incentivize buyers to purchase gift sets versus individual items. Make sure that your pricing is an incentive to buy sets over single items. You also want to ensure sure that the new pricing still makes sense for the business. Track the cost of the items, of your packaging, and the increased cost to ship since the sets are larger and heavier than your regular shipments. Make sure that you are still turning a profit and offering your customers a great deal. You may make slightly less on each item, but remember that you may sell more items and sell them faster. It is okay to scale these items for faster offloads. Start your pre-order sales now if you can get your products ready within 30 days of your sale notice or start to market holiday deals. Starting a teaser campaign will help you get an idea of what your customer thinks about what is to come. You can determine how many of these gift sets you should have ready. The last thing you want to do is offer items that people love and not have the inventory to keep up with the demand, or to have a supply of items that people aren't buying.

Also, keep in mind that customers love fast shipping. Get your virtual shelves and stock ready now. You may want to consider using a shipping service that will provide you with discount shipping. We recommend ShipStation for low-cost shipping from many service providers and doorstep pick up. You will never have to leave your home to ship your items. Discount shipping with print and ship from home services is the way to go!

Early marketing allows you to see how items may do. You will have time to restock for the big haul (cyber week). Buying in bulk will make you a competitive participant in Cyber Week. To offer those great deals, you need to purchase your items at a lower cost to be able to meet the pricing trend. Ordering items in quantities of 100 or more typically get you a great price point from many suppliers. Here at Minovet, we offer 55% off most of our products when you purchase at least 90 of the same item. With wholesale discounts at that rate, you make your money back at more than double what you spent on the items. If you are interested in wholesale bonnets for this holiday season, now is the time to buy as we will book up for the year well before the holiday rush. Do stay on the lookout for our pre-Black Friday sale to get you ready for Cyber Week. You must be a subscriber and site-member (free) to get those deals. Our members will be getting a coupon for an additional 10% off our already low wholesale pricing. That is up to 70% off of our current retail pricing according to your order size. You can subscribe to our site now at www.minovet.com to not miss those deals.

Please take a look at an example of one gift set that we are adding to our shelves this October. They retail for $38 if but we are selling them for $32 when purchased as a set. This small set will be one of the gift sets we are offering. We plan to provide large gift sets alongside our small gift sets as well. If customers are purchasing for an office grab bag or for a friend or a family member that you want to splurge on, we'll have items to meet any need.

Ask us how you can get custom and rebranded gift sets like this for your business.

Krissy C.

Owner and lead designer of Minovet LLC


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