🏡📚✏️Homeschool - Day #2

Today we have completed another full day of school. Day #2 was another success and the children are still totally loving our new lifestyle. We had another late start to our day today. That is one of the beautiful parts about homeschooling and working from home. We are now able to sleep past our normal 6:30 A.M. start that we had to have to go to traditional school, and we now get up around 9-9:30 A.M. We got up and ate a full and a hot breakfast, I watched the news while the children played, and I was able to do things around the house all before sitting down and getting ready for the day’s lessons.

Today’s studies were from 1pm-5pm. Yes! Only 4 hours and we were still able to knock out 4 classes, free play (fun learning activity), and time to review some activities from what we learned on our first day of homeschool last Friday. Our first day was a let's get the kids excited about homeschooling day. We did do some lessons, but we did do quite a bit of supplemental app work, video learning, and color sheet fun to get them going. The 4 lessons that we completed today were in Math, Language Arts, Reading, and Bible. We were even able to get 30 minutes of some Learn & Play time in there, and the kids decided on some free time on AbcMouse.com.

Being only 2 days in, I am still working out the schedule we would be using as a weekly guide to staying on track. The goal is to make sure we hit all 6 subjects at least 3 times a week, which I am positive we will be able to achieve. The remaining courses of Science and Social Studies will be integrated somewhere throughout the remainder of the week, but we did manage to complete 36% of this week’s lesson plan today. So we are on a roll!

We are currently using a lesson plan we created on Time4Learning.com as a guide on how we will go about our 1st year. We started our schedule assuming we would be doing a year-round school, from January to December. Of course, this may change, but this is the schedule we think would work best for our family since my husband and I both have goals of working full time from home and to do a lot of traveling for our jobs. With a full year’s schedule, we have the options of much shorter days or short weeks giving us longer weekends. Shorter days would put us in class for only 3-4 hours, versus a long grueling 7-hour school day that traditional school offers. Then we also have the option of keeping days a little bit longer, maybe only adding another hour and making our school week Monday -Thursday or Tuesday - Friday giving us 3 day weekends every weekend. How nice is that?! With my husband still working until 4 P.M. Monday through Friday right now, the shorter days, 5 days a week, works for us, but there is a good possibility that we may change that to a one hour longer, 5 hour, 4 days a week schedule in the very near future. I am putting all of my hope and faith into that statement because that means hubby was able to quit his job and work for himself full time, from home. Praying grace and prosperity all over us right now. Sorry for the side-step, but it doesn't hurt to throw a little prayer and thanks in advance in there when needed🙌🏽. With the flexibility of homeschooling, we can adjust our schedule as needed, depending on where we are in our lives at that moment. We can add a few hours to one day and subtract from another to allow time for vacation, unexpected life events, or to just take breaks when needed, even though school can go wherever we are. Many think that children miss out on summer when they attend school all year round, but with shorter days, and/or shorter work and school weeks, there will be plenty of time to sit outside and enjoy nature, visit more museums, take more vacations, do more crafting and gain new hobbies, learn to play an new instrument, read more books for pleasure, binge watch more Netflix series, and best of all, spend more time with the people that we love the most.

My goal is to make every aspect of life as enjoyable as I possibly can, for myself, my husband, and my children. Life is extremely short, and there are so many things that you can easily stress out about and I feel that school should not be one of them. School should be an enjoyable experience, and with so many curriculums out there to choose from and so many teaching styles available for me to pick and build my own curriculum from, I will make sure that my children get everything they need and more to make them the best adults in training that I possibly can. I will make sure that they enjoy school while I groom them into greatness, and we plan to utilize many of these homeschool co-ops and groups in our area so they still get the social interaction that people think homeschooled children do not get. I will no longer wait for the schools and society to aid me in raising what my husband and I created and are solely responsible for. I truly believe that, as a parent, you are your child's first teacher, and I also would like to be my child's main teacher. I know that everything may not always flow so easily and be so upbeat, but if I will have any say in how things go, it will be as close to that as possible. Pushing positivity all over everything is my motto. Even on more trying days, I will still know that my work will still all pay off one day and is oh, so worth it. This is a hard job that I absolutely don't mind giving 110% for. And I am so ready to take this journey with my little family and share it with you guys along the way.

If you are wondering how my babies are doing academically since our deschooling and the start of our homeschool schedule, just know they are thriving mentally and academically. They picked right back up and I do believe they are already ready to advance to some higher levels, but I will not overextend their little brains, and take it at a speed that works for us. Right now we are working at their grade level and we are breezing through some lessons as if they were refresher courses, but I know a day will come when they need more guidance. I am actually really excited to feel more like their teacher when we get there. I love the fact that we are all equally excited about this journey. When my husband comes home they are so eager to tell him what they learned that day. He asks them questions about there lessons, and they scream the answers with excitement, and everywhere we go, they are sure to ask everyone the same question that I am not yet used to hearing. "Did you know my mommy is our teacher and we go to school at home?" Lol. I just love their excitement, and it surely gets me going. But enough with the rambling. Here is what our academic day looked like today...

We accomplished so much on our 2nd day, and even with all of this educational fun, I still managed to make breakfast, washed my hair, started a big pot of chili for this week's big dinner meal, and I am halfway done with another tutu outfit. I must say, I am getting a hang of this fairly quickly. My parents have even come around to the idea of me homeschooling once they saw us in action and saw that it wasn't an out for me to just sleep in every morning. They never voiced their opinions, but I could tell they were extremely skeptical at first. I think our new lifestyle is growing on them and even if it isn't, I am here to prove them and any other people that have contrasting opinions about our new life choices wrong. I am putting all of my faith and trust in the Lord. I prayed over my mind and my heart, I asked for some clarity in our decision making, and I asked for guidance on this new life we are claiming. I am sure that we have made the right choice. There are so many dreams and goals, that we are planning to achieve and this decision will make things so much easier for us to get there. We are taking this task head-on. With all of the things that life has thrown at us, at me in particular, and the fact that we have been able to overcome all of those obstacles, I just know that I am not being steered in the wrong direction. I know that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to. No more excuses for why we haven't made it yet. Now is our time to start letting everyone know how we made it and the hard work begins now! Mama did not come here to play!

SN: I will be adding these daily updates, maybe weekly if it is too much, to my blog for all other moms that are interested in knowing how homeschooling works from a new homeschooling family's perspective. You will be able to get an up close and personal view of how we go about our day and all of you will be able to grow along with us.

Some of the resources we are currently trying out and I will also be blogging about:


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#Splashmath by #StudyPadInc


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