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Minovet Krissy of Minovet

A seamstress with a passion for fashion, natural hair, and community support. Minovet is a Handmade and Traveling Boutique that specializes in Natural Hair Care Accessories and custom fashion wear for women and little girls. Now with the launch of Minovet’s Bigger Better Bosses, we now offer Branding Business Solutions and Management to new and upcoming businesses at an affordable rate. I started my boutique off with the few dollars I had in my account in a spare bedroom of my home and I am now able to take my products all over the country and make a name for myself. Many always ask me about my process and how I have moved my business so fast, and the movement is now my platform to relay that information to everyone that would like to know. I pay it forward by providing the wealth of knowledge and support.

Make Your Brand As Grand As You Are!

I have done everything on my own from fashion designing, fashion production, office management, marketing, and advertising all the way to logo and website creation. I have been facing some health struggles that have limited my ability to create 24-7 and fully manage my business on my own. I now support new businesses, that started off just like I did to keep my physical and virtual shelves stocked and outsource many services to help me with my day-to-day workload. I take their items on the road with me to also help them gain exposure and to build my network of support. We have a #BossBaeTour where we travel as a group and vend as a group to save money on travel arrangements and reach locations that would be hard for a new business to pursue on their own.

I put my hard earned money into travel arrangements and venue bookings and set up to do weekend pop-up shops for all of my affiliates to showcase themselves to new markets. This helps us all go beyond local businesses to national businesses and all as a group so it is affordable. Affordability widens profit margins for all. Becoming global and reaching beyond “small business” is the goal. I offer free promotion, affordable travel rates, and open all of my affiliates up to all of the connections I have made over the last year and a half since the opening of my boutique in April of 2017. I am planning to document all of our endeavors for a documentary, in hopes to reach more people that want to own successful businesses and want to do it within our network. It’s a movement!

Mesmerizing Innovations, Naturally Outstanding!

Demetria Brown of The Blueprint Events Co.

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality!

The Blueprint Events Co. LLC specializes in Weddings, Social Engagements and Corporate Events. We provide a multitude of services ranging from Day-of to Full Service Event Coordination and everything in between.

Making Your Dreams A Reality!

Demetria Brown, the owner and Creative Director of The Blueprint Events Co. LLC provides event planning and coordination to an array of clients. Demetria graduated from Governors State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She has worked in management over the last 15 years. She is currently an Office Coordinator for Regus in Chicago where they offer shared office space to businesses and professionals. She takes care of over 250 clients on a day to day basis in conjunction with managing The Blueprint Events Co. LLC.

Her innate ability for organization and attention to detail ensures the production of a flawless event that you and your guests are sure to enjoy! Their is no task too small and no vision is too grand to execute for her client’s. She enjoys using her creativity and resourcefulness to think outside the box and bring an event that will be memorable!

Rochelle Wise of RWISE.

Rochelle Wise, founder of R.W.I.S.E. -a women’s empowerment group, and owner of RWise Design -salon and vegan hair care line. Her support group R.W.I.S.E. – Real Women Interacting Spiritually Every day is a space for herself and other women to talk in an open forum about real life as a woman empowered. She also provides a safe space for women to submit their concerns anonymously and have their concerns addressed in her group on her Facebook page.  As a Licensed Cosmetologist, she has had many women sit in her chair for a Hair Consultation. The condition of some of the clients’ hair would be a big concern for her. She has encountered severely damaged hair and hair that had matted up from not shampooing their hair for months, which would result in a drastic haircut to get the hair back to a healthy state. There are many reasons traumatic hair experiences like this occur. Sometimes it’s not always neglect. The lack of care from not being educated on proper hair care and the overuse of chemicals can be the cause, as well as the use of some medicines that cause problems for hair and the mental status of some women to not want to take care of themselves. So she never assumes, but she does like helping women, so she makes sure she gets all of the information that she can to be able to bring back the confidence and beauty that all of her clients have within. Sometimes they just need a little nudge to bring the bold and confident woman out of her shell.

Hair and self-care is my passion!

As she would begin to consult with clients and try to get a better understanding of what was going on with their hair, they would share with her all kinds of stories and situations either at home or at work, with their health, with a spouse and/or children, or having life storms and struggles with finances. She has been licensed for over 20 years and has heard many stories. While seeking to find her purpose and praying to God for direction, she found that being a listening ear and a form of inspiration to empower women is what she should be doing with her life. God gave her the vision to start with something where women could interact and share information that could empower them to become entrepreneurs and would encourage them to look beautiful. She would share with them anonymous stories that she had heard in hopes of giving them back the power that once had by hearing someone else’s struggle and their ability to overcome. She encourages women to be happy, be at peace, release all the negativity energy built up inside of them, and to talk about things that would allow them to feel like, ‘WoW!! Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.’

Every day, on her Facebook group, she makes a post in hopes of being a blessing to someone else. She brings her real self to the table. She doesn’t proclaim to be a counselor, minister, therapist or anything like that, but what she does do is empower women through beauty as a Cosmetologist. She is a motivational speaker and a coach on self-care and self-love. She also encourages people to eat healthy that are dealing with weight gain and how to practice self-care to feel and gain the confidence of being a beautiful woman. She has hosted many events with great success and great turnouts. The power in the room between women supporting women and sharing their stories of struggle and success has brought out the courage for many women to speak up and start conversations -a sisterhood of sorts. With the vision that God has given her and her ability to follow her calling she proclaims to continue to do his will.

“Hair is my passion, I will empower through beauty, where there is always a need and I will always do it with love.” ~R. Wise

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