Journal Entry #1 - 08/15/2017

I write to myself daily and not because I am crazy, but to actually keep me sane. I like to readdress the days events from the previous day every morning, when my mind is fresh and I have had all day and night to wrap my mind around the things that have occurred. Some revelations are very much needed and some not so much, but I write to allow my mind to work around my thoughts more than they would in the moment. I find great peace in understanding why things are happening as they are and why they are occurrences in my life in general. This is my therapy session with myself. Below I have decided to share today's journal entry... deciding on if I want to publish them on my blog occasionally. Something else to keep me busy and my mind off of things for the moment. Please feel free to #ChimeIn and let me know about your day if you care to share. I'll start a forum for each entry I chose to share so we can talk and link it below. #HappyChatting

August 15, 2017 - 10:35am.

Good morning world. Alive and blessed. My house is somewhat in order. Feeling shaky, sugars high. Higher than my normal high. Stress is definitely a factor. But I had an interesting day yesterday and enough time to comprehend my day yesterday to start off this entry with one highlight that definitely made my day. Some encouraging words from my neighbor, Tom, as well as a quick little day out for us for a good reason. Tom always tells us how nice it is to see young people doing awesome things and being great people in general when they are. He's an old white guy. Really nice and really tan. Lol. But he is an cool old guy that life has gotten to, but he is still very upbeat. He speaks all the time and is a real talker🙄, lol, but he's pleasant. Sometime his old bitterness pushes through though, and he is a bit of a creep, so I watch my kids around him. Lbvs. So we were sitting out talking last night. He pulled up when me and Kennedy had a mini photoshoot on my phone. I made us some outfits for last weekends events but could not manage to get out of the house. So we put them back on yesterday to run some errands. We got somewhat cute yesterday just to go pay some bills that had to be paid 😒 ...why paying bills was so exciting??? Because we haven't done that in awhile and we haven't left the house in at least a week as well and was just excited to step outside and enjoy the day. Little things like that make me and my baby happy... Sad I know. Lol. But any who... He pulled up on us trying to utilize the last few minutes of sunlight, and he comes out and ruins that btw...becuase we spoke for at least 40 minutes, but the conversation was interesting. Somewhere during our conversation I told him how old myself and Brandon are in response to a young love comment he made about us. Told him we are still pretty young. I just turned 29 a few weeks ago and Brandon will be 30 this December. But we have been together since 2006. Our relationship is a preteen already lol. And his response was, "Oh you guys definitely don't look to be anywhere near 30. I still loved my wife when I was 30 and I still have underwear that's older than you." 😂😂😂. The old guy that lives next to us is hilarious, sometimes creepy, but still very hilarious. He just turned 76 last week and he was so excited to share that news with us. Growing old is blessing, but I pray that I am not old and bitter about everything when I get there. Lol. Even though it is so funny right now.

And now I am thinking to myself... thinking about having to relocate sucks. I actually like my neighbors. They are super cool and mind their own business, but speak and are very friendly. And we have been here for a while so we are now considered part of the block family. It would really suck having to start over. Life is better when you are cordial with you neighbors versus staring each other down whenever y'all make eye contact. But Illinois has not been nice to us and it doesn't make any sense to struggle just to stay healthy. But I think it is time for us to go. 🙁 Not at this very moment of course, but the plan for our near future, maybe a year or so, is to relocate to where things will be better for people in our situation and a good move for the entire little family. Schools, work, and healthcare are the deciding factors. But has anyone else ever had bad neighbors or neighbors that they loved and hated to have to move away from? Or am I just getting old... Let's #SimplyTalk

Krissy C.

#JournalEntry #Neighbors #Forum

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