Keep It Simple & Sassy (K-I-S-S) Introducing #simplyMINO

Women are the backbone to the household and wear so many hats when it comes to keeping things inline, on time, and properly done. The goal is to be an efficient queen to your castle and looking flawless while doing it. Fabulous healthy hair helps us achieve this flawless look we all strongly desire. So many ideas and information circulating the web with hair insights, as well as any other topic you can possibly think of that a woman, or man, would find useful. Why not put all the information that one can use all in one place? A one-stop-shop to finding leads and info to quality products, beautiful accessories, professional referrals, tips and advice, as well as talk on life, social media interaction, food, travel, and everyday conversations.

Being in the hair profession since 2008 and a fully licensed cosmetologist since 2012 -my life currently revolves around anything and everything cosmetic. I mean, it is my career choice and what I love to do, but why be limited to just one thing? There is so much more to me than just that. The hashtag #simplyMINO is my gateway to simplify my life but remain in tune with what makes me, me. Simply Mesmerizing Innovations while remaining Naturally Outstanding! ➡️ Hence the name, SimplyMINO; a breakdown of my original brand, Minovét (Mesmerizing Innovations, Naturally Outstanding - Vivacity in Every Tress).

As a person that is always reading and skimming articles and blogs, I figured I could take my love of writing for personal enjoyment, and therapy of sorts, and use that to engage with those willing to listen and possibly even learn something new from me.

Be prepared to indulge in anything regarding life, food, social media, and of course beauty and hair. The key to greatness is knowledge, continued education, and growth. Anyone too stubborn to learn and believes they know everything is the most ignorant of them all! We are all here to learn and thrive and I hope I can help you achieve additional knowledge towards the info you seek, and I hope to learn from you all as well. #BlogWithMe #InspiredByAll #IntimidatedByNone #simplyMINO

~Krissy C.

simplyMINO | Simply Mesmerizing Innovations, Naturally Outstanding!

#Hair #Beauty #Social #Life

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