Let's Talk About This Meme...

When people ask me "Why do you share your procedures and resources, aren't you scared they will steal your customers?"... The bottom line is as the meme states, " No one can do it like me." But in whole, I share because someone showed me the way and helped me become self-sufficient and I appreciated every ounce of help I received from them. When people ask me for things that I don't do or don't want to do, I pass them along to those that have helped me in the past. So they receive things from me in return, but not because I should, but because I now know what they can do and what they offer so I send my recommendations back to them knowing they can do it and do it well. I will not send someone to a business that is not well managed or that lacks quality products. My referrals have to be as well managed as I am or better because my opinion of a business and my referral choices reflect what they type of business I run.

But back to inspiring others, I wish self-containment for everyone. The influencers in my life were a blessing to me and I want to be the same for someone else. Even if someone does exactly what I do, they still aren't me. We can become healthy competitors, and/or we can work with each other. You will have competitors no matter what you do so I would rather my competitor be a confidant instead of my enemy because that means that we are both out here getting it and supporting and bouncing off of each other. If we decide to work together on some things, great, if we decide to send referrals to each other for things we chose not to focus on, great. We are all still eating. I am in the birthday party and birth celebration business and I focus on designing and creating quality clothing ensembles. I don't bake, I don't print and I don't stage, but I know ppl that do and we all work together. I recommend those services to every inquiry about my outfits because they may be looking for someone that does that but didn't ask me because I don't offer it. Most of my success comes from my personality and my ability to speak to people and the fact that I am so informal yet edifying. Open up and share some insight with someone when they ask and stop trying to save everything for yourself. Closed doors may keep people from stealing your ideas, but a closed door also keeps blessings from entering. It's okay to let some things out because it makes room for greater things. Open up and be an inspiration to someone else. Then watch your blessings multiply #PayItForward #WordsOfWisdom #Minovet #SimplyMINO

#Inspire #SocialInfluence

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