Let's Talk About This Meme... Distracting Behavior, Gossip, & Remove The Anchors

Gossip Meme

Let's talk about this meme…

Outside of the apparent typos in this photo (I did not make this meme), I agree with the message entirely. Step into your glory and receive all of your blessings. Don't let distracting behaviors keep you from all the good things that are out there waiting for you. When you are in your zone, and your eye is on the prize, negativity always seems to present itself and attempt to catch your attention. This is called a distraction. Don't buy what the abstraction is trying to sell you. Even if you feel it is relevant to you, avoid it at all cost. Interference will arise at any possible opportunity to push you off of your path to greatness and success. People that always seem to be in the middle of drama and are always providing the "mess" may need to be removed from your circle. That is a discussion we can definitely touch on at a later time. [How do you deal with drama seekers?] <--- Feel free to comment below.

Being in my late 20s, I have gotten to the point where I'm so over the unnecessary social interactions that distracts me from my current goals. There is so much negativity and hate among us that it has become a normal trait for people to have. I am very protective of myself and I am very selective of the energy I allow into my space. I DO NOT condone, encourage, or entertain any foolery. I have never been a fan of unnecessary drama and I have definitely surpassed the age of trying to keep up with what everyone else has going on. "I am too grown for these games!" - As they say. It is really, truly pathetic to participate in negative talk about others when it has nothing to do with anything you have going on. Why take the time out of your day to inform me of someone else's misfortunes or inconsistencies? Even if it is of someone I don't care for. Why take the energy to make sure I know of something that doesn't have anything to do with me, or with you, for that matter?! Exposing those messy sides of you will put you in line for removal during my spiritual cleansing. Some call it harsh or unrealistic to remove everyone that doesn't align with you, but I'm in a state of mind where all things around me need to be positive and productive. Any negativity or distracting behaviors must go! How can anyone keep a clean and polished home if they keep allowing others to dump trash onto their floors and furnishing?! 😕😒

If everyone had this mentality, the world would be such a better place. It is really disheartening to see how much hate is spewed from person to person, especially over social media. I am the type of person, that even if we are good friends, but I don't agree with the persona that you portray on social media, I will still love you. I may just have to love you from a distance. I would rather unfollow you on social media than allow it to slowly push me away from you for good. I have to remove myself from some social interactions with people to preserve my likeness to them. Unfortunately we are in the age of technology and alleged transparency. Everything is shared, and possibly over shared on the internet. Also note the phrase, "alleged transparency." The only reason I use the word alleged, is because I do believe that some claims of the truth on social media is often exaggerated or even completely made up for the sake of entertainment. Some people stretch the truth on social media, or completely make up situations because it is a popular thing to do and because they don't really care if people that actually know them know if it is fake or not. It is all about the likes. With that being said, you don't have to completely cut off all of your loved ones because of what they chose to post, but you may have to unfollow them. Love them in person, instead of over Facebook. It isn't always in your best interest for you to keep up with everyone's thoughts. You will start to draw conclusions about them based off of their social media identity and not off of their real identity. No need to completely delete over the top people, just unfollow them if they are too much. Be friends in real life, if you can't deal with them online. 😉

Let's revamp that meme...

Remove the anchors, distractions, gossip

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