#Let'sTalk - Episode 1 | It's a Movement!

"#Let'sTalk" is my newest series I have added to my channel. Here I will talk about all of my endeavors, social media, and honestly anything I want to talk to you guys about especially positivity and motivation. I usually write my "#Let'sTalk" series because I love to write, but I am aware that many people don't like to read. So along with my current blog (minovet.com/simplymino-blog) I will now be vlogging this series as well.

So let's hop to it! Business is booming and the business is evolving and I want to share my journey with you all. I want to use all of my current success as a guide for your own success. I hope that my story and my journey inspires or encourages someone else to step out on faith the way I did and the way that I still currently am and reach their biggest dreams. I am living my dreams out in the moment and I want you guys to do that too.


Let's Talk: Episode 1 - Sunday Motivation by Minovet (#Build-A-Boss Movement)

I am booked up until November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do y'all hear me tho???!!! NOVEMBER!!!!! and it is only mid-August. Vendor events, speaking events, radio interviews, podcast interviews, booked to appear as a special guest in multiple events. I never would have thought I would be where I am today. This business is fairly new and God is taking me beyond what I ever thought I would be doing at this point. I think it's time I start recruiting folks! I interview my first potential protege in a few weeks. I need a personal assistant like frfr! My business is evolving in a major way. I asked God to make way for me to not be up all night on my machine and before I could even finish my sentence the floodgates opened!!!! I'm so ready to evolve this business! Keep your eyes on us! We are more than just a boutique. We are a lifeline to building up bosses! We have been meeting and networking to find a spot to call home for the business, and affiliates to help bring resources and opportunities to the community and it is happening! Trademark applications out now for multiple businesses! We are working on business #4 & #5 RIGHT NOW! This is about more than just trying to make a dollar! I am actually trying to be a part of something great. I want to give back. I want to help others reach their greatest potential. #ShareTheWealth & #BuildTheCommunity. People doubted me, people cast judgment, didn't take me seriously, and pushed me to the wayside. I am not here to prove anyone wrong, nor am I here to appease anyone. Opinions of others are irrelevant, but I will show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, plan accordingly, stay focused, remove distractions, and keep your faith in your movement and with the most-high. Out of all that I have been through in my life, and to still be able to reach goals and lay out new ones on a regular basis is such a blessing! I will never remain stagnant or get comfortable. You reach a goal, you set new ones, and you follow through. This is ongoing! Building generational wealth, knowledge, and an empire to hand down to my children and their children and so on is the main goal, and I want this for everyone! Don't count me out yet! It's never too late to start supporting. I don't focus on who isn't, who can't, or who won't, but to the ones that always come through for me....y'all ready, or nah?!?!?!?!?! #ItsTime #MinovetMadeIt #ItsAMovement #IssaBossBaeMovement #BuildABossMovement IG/FB/Twitter @B.A.B.Movement


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