Love of self, is a MUST!

Love has become this exotic hot commodity that everyone wants yet they don't want to deal with or claim either. For the ones that want it - whether it be openly or secretly, they have no problem finding love and don't know what to do with it or how to take care of it once they get it. Society has always played it's part in how it effects relationships. That is not the new factor that is impairing today's relationships at such a high rate. The difference is social media and how it flawlessly amplifies the public audience and their opinion and persuasion that they have on actual people themselves. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Some sites more than others. I make sure I tread carefully and use it for its primary use that I see fit for me and I try to keep it moving. Every now and then I find myself reading and scrolling more than I normally would like to. Sometimes to my enjoyment, and sometime with dismay. Either way, one-sided relationship are trending and has inspired this post.

Maybe I am well before my time, but I still believe in values, whether they be old school values or new. It's just so many people today that don't value too much of anything, not even themselves...😕. To them, anything valued tends to be from the old school. So take it as you may, but I feel that a lot of women...AND MEN, need to hear this message!!!! 📃✉️📬

These new aged "friendships," or more like situation-ships, sure don't make the cut as a relationship. The new trend to be wanted and glorified more than actually establishing real relationships has everyone absolutely out of their minds. Some people are so wrapped up in having the best trophy (male or female) that they confuse love with lust or just want to claim something that everyone wants because you "won it🏆," ...right? Outside of actually claiming their prize, some people are too ignorant to see that, that person really has no value to the relationship or to you, because you are the one taking care of all the business and making sure the relationship lasts. There are so many who even understand that they are in a bad situation, but continue to deal with it, try to fix it, or act in love because you have a point to prove, a social status to maintain, or a "throne" to continue to rule as the "main"...😒 Please, please, value yourselves! Stop settling! Look stupid if you have to and get out and demand more. When in actuality, it will show the opposite for once. In all honestly, you already look naive by staying for any reason other than ensuring your happiness. Getting yourself out of a bad situation will make you look and feel so much better as an individual, especially if the other individual isn't trying as hard as you are to improve things, or always gives empty promises to keep you content. Content should never be the goal. If the goal isn't to do better, than I am not interested in what you think is your pursuit to happiness. Letting go and moving on, may actually give you the chance to find something real, and something that you deserve. But you have to learn to love you first! You do not need a significant other to make you feel complete. Get up out of that I need a man/I need a woman mentality and you won't settle for anything less than greatness. You will be more than content with yourself, and your vision won't be so blurred and misguided by the thoughts and inputs of what others see and/or think. When someone comes along and proves their ability to enter your kingdom, and you can see yourselves combine and conquer together and the love is genuine and legit; you won't question your "relationship" with your friends every time you see them. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind, including your own that that one person is the missing piece to your puzzle and vice versa.

I could sit on here and preach this all day if people were willing to listen. I found my husband young and he is everything I want and need in a companion. I don't have to question his whereabouts and his intentions or if he values me and values us just as much. I know he strives for us, does and operates everything around anything us, and that he loves him some us! So I thank the Lord every day that I didn't have to date and go through this harsh world that we live in alone! So happy that I found my running mate so early. So I may not necessarily give you my life experiences on everything I speak of directly. But being so blessed to find my King so early in life has opened my eyes to things that should not and does not have to be. So many close to me in unhappy situations break my heart because I want greatness for everyone. You can only do or say so much before you are overstepping your boundaries. With that I pray from a distance if I feel I cannot approach. I pray that the eyes of the weary open and they find their happiness! It's very unfortunate that as a woman, sometimes we can't come to another woman and give them some encouraging words without them thinking your intentions are built from hate, or coming off as looking down on them, when in fact all you may want is for them to know their worth! It is someone out there for everyone and maybe you have to experience things to get there, and sometimes you have to lose to appreciate gain, but I just want us all to be great! You can find a man that isn't worth a dime and he can give you the world, maybe even a world that you helped him create, and still be unhappy if you all weren't good to or for each other. Stop living for everyone else and maybe you'll see that all you have is a checkbook and a designer belt that everyone wants, but lack the love and fulfillment of life that everyone desperately deserves and needs. Stop settling for just anything and go get you some happy!!!!

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