Love Versus "Fun"

We are in the age of the never ending "turn up" and many of these "T-up" events include alcohol and maybe even a few controlled substances. If you are in a committed, long term relationship, marriage, or have a soul tie with a friend who is experiencing mental or health concerns, and the doctor orders the cease of any alcohol consumption an/or extra curricular activities that occurs during parties, could you, as the supporting party, give up the activities to support your loved one? If you decide not to give these things up, would you be understanding enough to accept their distance they place between you if they don't want to be around it any longer? On the flip side, if you are the person that is required to change, would you have any negative connotations associated to your thoughts of how they handled the situation if they chose not to consider your struggles? #JoinTheConversation #LetMeKnowWhatYouThink

Leave your comments below or email (info@minovet.com)/direct message (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) and I will anonymously post your reply in my response to the discussion. Let's #simplyTalk with #simplyMINO

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