Minovet's 5 Year Anniversary Madness!!!

This year has made my 5th year since the launch of my Minovet brand, and we are approaching the 2nd year anniversary of the #simplyMINO branch of my brand. I have been very blessed to be able to leave the salon and start to work towards building my new branch of my business. Since my teenage years I have dreamed of becoming a stylist or designer in the fashion industry. I was that one weird kid that made their own clothes and wore them to school. Surprisingly, people weren't harsh critics at all to my passion for fashion, and I wish I would have had the drive I have now, back then. Who knows where I would be now, if I would have taken that leap back then. I made my own prom dress way back then, but due to some issues with my date, I ended up not going and I have no idea where that dress is. I would have loved to share that monstrosity with you guys. Lol. It wasn't that bad, but it was from the beginning of perfecting my craft. Unfortunately, instead of staying in the fashion design field post high school, even after taking some classes at the American Institution of Design and Technology, I pulled out and took the quicker and easier path and became a cosmetologist. I also had a niche for hair and the hair industry has been a gracious host, so I got comfortable. As much as I love doing hair, and have a true passion for happy healthy hair, I still often dream of opening my own boutique. I have had some misfortunes that has made me sit down my hair styling business sooner than planned, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. My day has finally come. With the support of my family and friends, I have been able to lay my bricks for my new baby and I can finally get this thing going.

This year will also make my 29th year of life and I think it is time I really start hopping to more goal reaching instead of only goal setting. I will be 40 before I know it. I don't want to be that person that is always thinking I should have, could have, would have. I would rather be the - I came, I saw, I concurred chick, and help other people struggling with fear of the unknown, and guide them on how I got thus far. I want everyone to be great!

Just a to give you guys a peek into my busy, busy brain; I would like to do something special this year to share my achievements with the world. Although I have never been the type to do the big birthday bash or plan for something spectacular, I do want to change that this year. I'm way to anti to be the spotlight of anything without irritation setting in. I was ready go at every event of my bridal festivities when I got married 7 years ago, and at my baby shower of my first child. Even with those events being very positive and were days made to build me up, I just don't do well with a lot of people and attention. I'm just way too much of a loner to want to partake for long. I know people that don't know me think otherwise, but it is the truth and that is what makes me me. I am starting to feel that I am needing to at least peek out of my shell and open up a little more. I don't believe God gives people gifts for them to keep them all to themselves.

2017 has been so good to me already, and rather than just me doing my norm. of nothing, I want to do my official launch to my product line full celebration style! I want to share my day with my product line and all of my supporters -near and far. I won't put anything else on hold to make this happen. I am just going to date it out well into July of this year, near my July 30th birthday. That way I will have plenty of time to do things right and have plenty of products all ready to go. This is the 3rd branch of my business that I am launching, and this is the biggest achievement yet. This time it is my original work versus a buy and resale deal. I have made the decision to stop letting my fear of what the future holds keep me from following my dreams and become self sufficient. I should have done this years ago when I first wanted to walk with my creative side, but I am glad I waited. I have obtained so much wisdom getting to this point. I am walking by faith and setting goals far beyond what I would have even dreamed about this time around. If you don't dream big, then you will never win big. Way too much grace falling down on us for me not to ask for my share of the riches. I encourage all to follow their dreams, and don't let anyone or anything change your mind about it. I'm so excited to share my story with you guys. I promise I wish I could have an assistant just to keep me on track. Nothing gets accomplished with all these new ideas I get everyday. One day. Lol. I will get this together. I am going to do a log or forum of some sort, to stay interactive with you guys a little bit better. Either blog or video. I get so many suggestions to do a video blog from the feedback on my Instagram and I may just take that suggestion and run with it.

#KeepUpWithMe - Subscribe to get updates on all my events I am planning, possible giveaways, and promotions I will be running for all these new products! I have received way too much favor, for me to not pay it forward. I have to make room for my next blessing. Thank you guys so much for keeping up with me, and again for all of your support! #simplyMINO


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