Morning Inspirations: Hold on!

I am in the process of trying to utilize social media more. This is the new age of marketing and advertising and your internet presence is everything now. Even with this being the truth for todays business dealings, I tend to keep my social media interactions to a minimum due to the fact that social media makes you so vulnerable to people of hate and misery, and as we all know, misery is very contagious. As I scroll through my feeds this morning, like I said I usually don't do anymore, I came across some post of people that I used to know that have gone dark over the years. People that used to have great spirits and could light up a room with just their smiles. It saddened my heart a little to see my fellow people struggle and deal with the harsh reality that life can sometimes have. What saddened me even more was the fact that they let life tear them down. I never really interact with people directly, mostly because I have my own issues with communicating and sometimes I feel it isn't my place to intrude, even though things posted to social media are posted to be responded to. I also chose to not interact because being around so much misery can take its toll on your own spirit. Especially when you try to feed light to someone and their pain overwhelms any glimpse of light you try to impose. With all that said, I still felt the need to share some positive insight to some negative situations, but without being direct or specific so that this message isn't limited to just a few people... so it can reach as many hurting souls or encourage others seeking positivity to keep it up. So, to all the negative posts this morning, regardless of what the posts are referring to... a negative post that was made on a morning where your eyes opened and air filled your lungs... on a morning where you were allowed to use the muscles in your fingers to make such a negative post... on a phone or computer that is in your possession, no matter how you obtained it... When 8 of the last 10 of your posts have no positivity in site, are your intentions to seek pity or to recruit more negative people? Neither trait is a good trait to have. Seek the positive in all things, and always hope for the best! Please know that this advice comes from a person that knows struggle all too well and I don't just mean financial struggles. I have been a victim to financial struggles, physical, emotional and social struggles. So don't think for a second that my life is golden. But trust me, things can be better. It is all about your perspective on things. Bad things happen all the time. It is called life. Don't let your hardships get you down, and definitely don't allow them to grow because you are too busy hoping that someone will finally feel sorrow for you instead of dealing with it. If you seek pity long enough, you just might get it, and actually deserve to be pitied by then because your hardship has grown to debilitating proportions. Once you finally get the pity you so desperately seek, what now? Will the support of onlookers change your situation? Will it make all those bad things that happened go away? Why seek the pity of others when you can take control of your life and do better for you. Don't let life and people's lack of interest in your hardships make you weak. Boss up and take life by the reins. Control what can be controlled and stop wanting people to feel bad for you. Ride the wave of what can't be controlled and stay prayed up and thankful for what has gone right, and prepare for your triumph! Every wave has a breaking point. Just remain hopeful that you will come out better on the other end. God has got your back! Believe this!!!

Well wishes and many blessings,

~Krissy | #simplyMINO

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