My Curly Girl Story

I really hate the phrase, "Every one is going natural now," like it's a bad thing or like you have to make major changes to embrace something that naturally grows from your scalp. It should be more like letting everything else go... Like embracing freedom...or like becoming one with self and loving it! I am just absolutely head over heels in love with my magnificent naturalness, paired with my often bare skin, and the versatility that allows me to be whoever I want to be for that day - absolutely fabulous with curls, waves, or crimps for one day, flawlessly silky the next, and a full 360° back to my fabulous curls with the help of good ole H2O the following. If I do decide to play around with makeup it allows me to fully emerge myself into my creative side and take it a step further if I please. I love that I can safely play with color and the tension of some protective styles without worrying about my the integrity of brittle relaxed hair. I have been part of the natural hair community for about 4 and a half years now and was previously relaxed since about the age of 10, (age 27 now...and 348 days to be exact lol 🎂). I didn't have too many problems with my relaxed hair, except the fact that my chemically altered hair did not appreciate my love of color and fascination with braids. Some people can handle color better than others, and even with my professional background, damage was inevitable when color and relaxer married within my fragile hair. After growing out damaged hair, just to recolor, break off and regrow hair again, I decided to try the natural route so I can indulge in all the color I wanted with very minimal damage. I just figured that if I didn't like the natural look, or it was too much to bare, I would just go back to my creamy crack and keep a short hair cut so I could continue to color as I pleased - seeing as though I would always be cutting off damaged ends with every hair cut that I would frequently be getting with a short hairstyle. To my wonderful surprise I absolutely loved my natural hair as did everyone around me, and I embraced it to the fullest! I even tried to do many protective styles to get past the twa (teeny weeny afro) stage but I didn't mind the cute little curls I was getting and just went with the natural flow. I would put a sew-in or a braided style in my hair just to keep it in for a week or two and decide I was done with it. I loved the free feeling on my scalp and the carefree feeling of not worrying about how the air blew my hair so much more than any tension or entrapment that protective styles made me feel. I honestly loved the short phase and is what made me do a second big chop on my hair as it became longer and a little bit harder to manage...along with a treatment that relaxed my curls longer than I expected it to last. Around my 2 year mark, I decided to do a keratin treatment to tame and help me manage my curls as it grew long and needed additional care, just to find myself in a conflicting situation that left me as close to a relaxer as one could possibly come. Keratin treatments are to tame and manage curly and/or frizzy hair and make straightening an easier task and revert back to its naturally state over time. With the products I used, it gave me a more permanent result and pretty much bone straight outcome. It was okay at first, but I missed my curls way too much to keep it. I ended up keeping the style for maybe a half of a year to allow myself to not have to cut down to a fade, chopping off about 10 inches of hair, bringing me back down to about a 2-3 inch twa. People couldn't believe that I had cut my hair back off, but I was so happy and relieved to be back to myself. I am now currently at a one year mark once again and I have a head full of voluptuous curls and couldn't be any happier. With this branch of my blog site I plan to share anything and everything hair, including: my natural hair journey, tips and tricks, as well as product trials, reviews, and suggestions for all the naturals that are seeking information. I am professionally educated and in the process of renewing my license and possibly returning to school for my educators license. I have been in the industry and servicing hair for 7 years now, and I am ready to share my love of hair and my expertise with the world. Due to some life events, I am no longer able to do hair as I wish, so I will do the next best thing and be a beauty advisor to all, the way that my mentor was to me. #PayItForward. I hope you guys enjoy! Welcome ➡️ #Minovet #simplyMINO

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