Natural Versatility

Bouncy curls, voluptuous body, and outstanding resilience is not the only thing that makes natural hair so great. It's the fact that natural hair can do anything that processed hair can do, without the permanent results or potential damage. Natural hair can also endure a little more than chemically treated hair can, because all the cells are still intact. Relaxed queens must take great precautions when further chemically altering their hair. They must also take the extra steps to maintain the integrity of their hair long after the new changes because the potential for damage actually increases over time as the hair ages. Remember, your ends need more love than your roots, because the ends of you hair are much older than your new growth.

#NaturalsCanGetSilkyToo! You can still rock a silky style with a blow out, wear precisely placed curls with a: rod-out, twist-out, or braid-out, etc; conceal your luscious locks underneath a stylish scarf while preparing for a bomb twist out or underneath a flattering head-wrap to just conceal your hair for a protective style with almost always no hurt, harm, or foul to your hair when you follow the proper steps to protect your hair. Ultimately you can just rock the au naturale curl pattern God blessed you with by just adding the power of water and a little product. Please understand that there is absolutely no shade to the relaxed queens out there. Some people live different lifestyles, or desire different looks with minimal work that requires them to go that route, because it is just easier for them. To each its own. You do what is best for you and your lifestyle. Just know that if you are ever interested in returning to your natural beauty, know that the silky look that you love is still very possible. You may even find yourself loving your curls even more, like I did. I wasn't aware of my curly potential because I was always comparing my "nappy" roots to my relaxed ends. The side by side comparison will always be over exaggerated. That is why it is so hard for some transitioning queens to fully commit. They are scared of what is to come when they let those straightened ends go. Most that I have talked to have really fallen in love with the natural them once they finally commit, and they wish they would have done so long ago. Most see that you can still go straight but with so much body and fullness and still have the access to those glorious natural styles without over manipulation and tedious work of getting straight hair curly. I used to straighten my hair every chance that I got, when I first returned natural back in 2011, until I learned how to take care and manage my natural hair. Now my curls are my most desired look and when I receive the most compliments. My hair is so much easier to deal with now. I also prefer shorter hair, so I can never go for long without a healthy hair chop, (yes a chop, not a cut lol). It grows like grass now. This time around I have made it a year and 8 months since my last re-chop. I am trying to see how long I can go, if I ever make it that far. But maintaining natural hair has been an awesome experience and I can't see myself ever going back to a permanent relaxed state. All I need now is a little moisture, maybe some curl creams, and some love to my edges and I am good to go. Take the time to learn and love your hair. Embrace every inch of those curls in all the versatile stages, lengths, textures, and magnificent voluptuousness! "Live life naturally outstanding!" - Krissy C. #simplyMINO

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