One-Pot Chicken and Potatoes 🥘

Another money saving meal, with so much flavor and room for adjustments that would fit anyone's tastes. Chicken is the go-to low-fat protein in many households. Chicken has the ability to fit in almost any meal, in any tradition, with a multitude of spices and herbs to chooses from to compliment it's already great flavor. On this blog post, I will be doing one of my go-to chicken meals, that surely will not break the bank and tickle every taste bud on every tongue...I promise!!!

I almost never stick to the same recipe when it comes to chicken, but when you strike gold with the little picky ones that I have in my household, I was sure to write it down and share it with the world. I try most of my recipes out with my family, and then share to my snapchat to get other's responses when they decide to try out what I have shared.... And let's just say, this one has been a smash hit with everyone that has decided to share their recreations with me. I also have been getting great responses to how much money they save by planning out their menus for the week in advanced and taking the stress away of what to cook for dinner when everything is planned. One item that always makes the list in our household is some sort of meal with dark meat pieces, either parted or quartered. It is lower in cost and very flavorful and maintains juices better than the white meat pieces. Dark meat will definitely get the job done! Check out my recipe below.

So many ways to tweak and adjust this recipe to make it your own form of greatness. I would love to know how you make your perfect pan cooked chicken and if you decided to use my recipe in full, or just for inspiration. Let me know how your dinner came out and leave a review below. #JoinTheConversation #LetsTalkAboutIt #BlogWithMe #simplyEdible #food #simplyMINO

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Want a printable copy🗒? Click the picture ⬆️⬆️⬆️ to be able to print and add to your recipe binder at home!

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