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Updated: May 19, 2020

Late start after pulling another all-nighter so today is an official off-day but I had to hop on here to say... everything that you do, in other words, your actions, have reactions. Life isn’t always happening to you. It is happening because of you. If your life is a direct response to your actions, make sure that it is positive! Times may look bleak and dreary but God is still in the blessing business. Those that know me personally know I am a walking testimony to this. I’ve been through soooo much that has been out of my control but I have not lost my faith and I continue to receive blessing after blessing in the midst of it all. I lay low most of the time, but when I do feel the urge to speak and push anything it is always positive and full of light. I push that you act with a thought out plan, a sound mind, and awareness to all outcomes so you can then plan on what happens next. Never act off of impulse especially if it is rage. What you give is what you get, so make sure it’s positive. You never know who is watching. You never know who is researching you. Your name may be in a room full of people that you could never imagine even know who you are. Don’t be the reason why they change their minds. Keep it cute ALWAYS and mind the company you keep. Your circle can and will count you out of many things. This post is full of cliches but I’m going to repeat them as often as I can because some still don’t get it. Yes, it’s your page and you have the right to do what you want, but you cannot blame the world when you are the reason why you haven’t made it yet. You don’t have to fake who you are, just be mindful of the information that you hang out on the line for the world to see. If you are a negative or pessimistic person, maybe it is time for you to readdress your character. Self-love can also include counseling or group therapy to ease your troubled mind. Changing your surroundings may also be something to consider. If your environment is full of negative qualities and/or people, remove yourself from that area as often as possible if you can’t remove fully. Think about what triggers you and get rid of the opportunity for those events to happen. Some say removing yourself isn’t healing and is only a crutch. Being able to positively respond to it is the actual triumph. I say do what is needed so you have the time and space to heal at your own pace. Being positive all the time isn’t easy but remember that being positive doesn’t mean that nothing bad ever happens or that you are always supposed to smile at misfortune. Being positive is looking at what is right over what is wrong. It means seeking a positive solution versus focusing on the bad that has already occurred. It means understanding that life will still happen and some things are out of your control but there is balance in everything that we do. There is something positive somewhere in the atmosphere and if you try hard enough you can and will find it.

The pain that we feel, the horror that we witness, the decline in our mental status happened, and now what? Let positivity lead the way so that the pain that was experienced isn't experienced without purpose. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t miss the message and have to go through it again. Sit still and reflect. Loosen your mind so you can see clearly. Silence the noise around you so you can hear all that the universe or your higher power is trying to tell you. I do this often. I found my peace. I do hope you find yours.

What energy are your bringing to the atmosphere? Life happens, and we must understand that it will. Your response to unfortunate events will set the stage for what's to come. Always be a light, even in the darkest of times. Keep your flame lit and never lose faith. When triumph reaches your door, rejoice and humbly share it with the world. Show others that hard times will come, but they won't last forever.

-Kristen "Minovet" Childs

My quote from It Takes Money Honey (2019; page 244) - a collaborative book by Pamela Manty.

Thought of the day: I love it when it rains! Today it is raining where I live and the flood sirens are blazing. Rain means #growth #rejuvenation #thirstquenching #fulfillment and when it floods means #blessingsoverflown so #SoakItUp #MinovetSaidIt

About the author:

Minovet Krissy

A seamstress with a passion for fashion, natural hair, business development, community support, as well as mental health and self-care. I am the owner of Minovet LLC which is a handmade traveling boutique that specializes in natural hair care accessories and custom fashion wear for the entire family. Minovet LLC also provides business services that include business branding solutions and strategic business planning to new and upcoming businesses at an affordable rate. My satin bonnets have been seen on WCIU Chicagos The Jam thanks to an opportunity with The Look Chicago. I have been interviewed on Scene Chicago, Que Radio (Chicago, IL), ESM Radio (Lisle, IL), and on Tell the Wold with Stephen Jahseed (Elgin, IL). I have also previously hosted BAB Radio with Scene Chicago powered by Urban Broadcast Media (Chicago, IL) and I am a current host of On The Scene (Chicago, IL).

As a business owner that started with very limited resources but still managed to consistently move forward on my journey to success, I use my blog and platform to show others the way. I was able to find a path forward with limited funds, limited resources, and very little support all while struggling with chronic illnesses and financial misfortune due to my health conditions. I take my life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly and share them with the work in hopes of inspiring others to also go for their dreams. In the face of adversity I am still a light, blessed, and highly favored! I #Inform, I #Impact, and I #Inspire.

Inspired by all! Intimidated by none! The thoughts of me #NoThemeAttached... Mesmerizing InnovationsNaturally Outstanding #simplyMINO

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