Let’s talk about this meme. 

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I stopped waiting for people to prove their friendship to me and I started to hold people accountable for their inability to prove that they aren’t the alternative instead. There are many actions that a true friend should never take, but so many “friends” do shady and unthinkable things like it’s okay anyway. My process of weeding out fake friendship is a never ending cycle of dropping baggage before any baggage has ever even been claimed, and I’m okay with that. I’d rather remove all the fake people in my life and be happy with just one or two versus always having to defend myself or watch my steps when walking with wolves in sheep’s clothing. Numbers mean nothing to me when they are just an illusion! One precious gemstone’s value will always be greater than a million dirty rocks any day! Don’t be a dirty rock! 

#realfriends #findyousome #friendship #nofakefriends #selflove #happy 

~Krissy C. 💋


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