Respect Is A Taught Trait - So Teach It!

I’m sitting here listening to my 9 yr old son talk to Brandon (hubby) from the another room and very happy about how well he speaks. My son was a really late talker and behind in school. We pulled them out of traditional school for many reasons, including for health reasons. They kept me sick and in the hospital, but another big reason was because they were letting him fall behind. So we started homeschooling and I took over on their education. You wouldn’t be able to tell now and he is ahead in many classes. But the point of this post is to draw focus to our youth and the times. Many are so “grown” and very disrespectful. They aren’t grown because of their maturity but because of how they act and what they mimic. Kids are exposed to so much and it’s hurting them in the long run. Not all are this way of course, but enough are to make many of us responsible people concerned. Some of the simplest tasks with your kids could change this. The first is to stop exposing them to everything. Allow kids to be kids. The second is grooming them to one day become respectful adults. For instance, I take issue with my kids saying yeah, nah, and many other things, but those two words I corrected the most as they were becoming verbal. So they were very young when I started getting on their grammar. I make my kids say real words and to speak in full sentences when speaking to their elders including both me and hubby. I’m the same way when they address their aunts and uncles. It’s Aunt __name__ or Uncle __name__. We don’t do first name addresses. It’s just a respect thing to me. If you have ever met my babies you know how well spoken they are. They’ve been this way for a long time and people point it out all the time like it’s not normal. I was told I was doing too much when I corrected them in front of someone and was told I was old-school. Why is that considered old-school parenting, and why is “old-school parenting” a bad thing? I think we need to bring that back. Why is teaching children respect doing too much? 🤔 I think something as simple as teaching kids to pay attention to how they speak around adults will go along way because I know a lot of adults that don’t understand respect and it probably would have helped them too. An etiquette class shouldn’t be something that only the well-off invest in for their kids. We all need a little bit of etiquette reinforced into us. I don’t speak from the dictionary every time I speak, but I know when and where to shape up my vernacular. I hope they will know the same and it hopefully it assists them to get a little bit further in life. One little thing to nurture their success is something simple we can all do. Let’s take a little more time to invest into our kids overall success. I’m not here to offend anyone but I will show up to defend our little ones whenever necessary. They depend on us. Let’s make sure to give them all the keys to success. It’s time to grow.

Note from Minovét Krissy

~ mompreneur of #BInL

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