Rules of Friendship - Loyalty vs. Stupidity

People will get mad at you for not talking to them anymore, but every conversation that you have ever had with them always include them reporting about someone else’s life, and usually that somebody is a friend. That is how they know all of their business. Somebody trusted you enough to confide in you and you’re running to tell everyone. Like I don’t want to hear all that. Talk about something positive or at least talk about you if you just have to report something. If I need a news report, I’ll turn on the tv or just go read it for myself on Facebook where everyone else reports the news. I’m not interested in your small...literally minute talk. People are lucky I’m not petty because when I see some people full-blown bestie’n it out for Instagram or for Facebook I just want to drop subliminal messages like watch your back sis...but it’s none of my business & I would probably end up playing myself anyway. They are usually friends for a reason. They probably do each other the same exact way and know it. That is how people can have whole arguments on Facebook with subliminal statuses while never stating the other person’s name. They know who they are dealing with and who they are talking to. Then those types are always so quick to call somebody a bad friend because I drop ‘em like hot cakes when they’re acting up. I am quick to move around on shenanigans and secret hate. Where I come from loyalty and stupidity are not even in the same category but nowadays, they go hand-in-hand. According to the present day friendship standards, you are supposed to deal with disrespect, narcissistic, and uncaring ways to prove your loyalty, and to me that is more along the lines of being stupid. Yeah...miss me with that. I want no parts. I’ll guess I’ll just be disloyal. Never lonely though. I married my best friend and right-hand, and then we produced and I birthed my groupies. My posse is straight! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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