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Let's talk about this meme. I came across this meme on Instagram and it sparked my urge to share my thoughts. Everyone needs to understand that supporting & seeking greatness within your own community is so very important in order for your community to grow and thrive. This needs to be done regardless of what or where your community is and who is in it. This post does slightly point towards the black community, lol...sarcasm, but everyone can take notes. I love my skin, I love my people, I love my heritage, but I hate how we do and neglect each other. We are always in competition with one another and it doesn’t have to be that way. It is so refreshing to see us do great things. I love all people and I am disgusted at the thought of discriminating anyone just because they are different. So don't think this is an anti white post or anti anyone, for that matter. This is not that at all! The problem with the black community is that most of us don't even support us. We'd rather point out all of our flaws and hate instead of leading and guiding the ones that need help, and uplifting and taking notes from the ones that are doing it right. If someone in your community can provide things that you regularly need & buy, shop within your community first, and support where you come from, where you reside, support the people that share your values, and small businesses trying to cater to the community. Then move to outside resources if we can't provide you with what you need. P. S. A. to black business owners!!! Run your businesses like the customer service you demand when you are out shopping the markets. Stop running your people away from your businesses with your lack of professionalism. Those that lack great customer rapport aren't making it easy for us to utilize what's right here, because we assume that all black businesses have poor customer service. Your name and reputation mean everything in the business world. There are so many black owned business with outstanding services and products but aren't making it the way that they should because we can't support each other. We have to do better people! If no one else helps us, we would still be okay because we have each other's back! And stop asking for a d*mn deal so you can go spend your money on these big box stores that couldn't care any less about you, and are already millions of dollars into the bank and just stacking up at our expense! Supporting your community doesn't mean use and milk your community until they are dry. It means, hey, chose me, and allow me the opportunity to prove that my product and/or services can be beneficial to you. If you decide to move on for whatever reason, I understand, but at least give us a chance to do what we came to do and stop hating on success! Go be great, everyone, be great to your community, and go find your happy!


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