The Broken Black Family Dynamic

I am a true believer in supporting family/friends first. If I need something and I know of someone that can fulfill what I need, why not support them? I even ask for referrals before I shop the market, if I can't do it myself. I am very resourceful so I rarely have to ask for things, but if I ever need the help I would rather put my money into my loved one's hands before I give it to a complete stranger. I am not looking for a discount, hook up, or absolute free service, because if I went somewhere else, I would pay + tax no questions asked. We are so bad at always looking for a deal. A discount should be initiated by whoever is servicing you and that should not be a requirement. They have every right to charge you the going rates. They do have a business to run and their time equals money. Most of us can’t even get that far though. How can you even assume they will give you a family rate, if you have never even attempted to utilize their services that you are already in the need of? We can’t support each other because we are low-key competing with each other or are just flat out hating. It doesn't have to be like that. We can all lift each other and grind together. Even if it is separately. Not saying you have to go into business with them, but if you have it or can get it or do it for me, I will try my best to support you first. If we are in the same field of business we can still lift each other up just by networking with one another or just always sending well wishes and respecting each other's career choices. Of course it isn't a perfect world, so it’s rare when we have that and then there are reasons why we decide not to utilize one another's services even though you may provide what I need or have legit reasons why I can't work with you. Even in that scenario we should still respect the choice and not let it affect our relationships. People throw whole relationships in the trash because someone chose not to utilize them. Everything is always blown out of proportion and whispered about instead of just saying, hey sorry I have to utilize other options, for whatever reason and letting “bygones be bygones.” If you are the one providing services, you need to respect their right to have options as well. We aren't getting anywhere in society because we can't get "out of our feelings" and making everything personal. On top of that we are always looking for the next best way to "sh*t on" the next person... Excuse my French*%-. Just a random rant. We have so much potential to achieve greatness, but people avoid putting their money back into their own lifeline because they have a point to prove. We have to do better people. Let’s all be great together. If no one else has your back, your family should. Our family dynamics are just so messed up now 😞. #simplyMINO

#Family #SupportingUs

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