To Charge or Not to Charge? Brain Picking Can Be Monetized!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

To charge or not to charge? Brain picking calls can be monetized.

So many people complain about having to pay to speak with businesses because words are free. Many don’t consider the fact that these businesses may be utilizing time that they normally are paid to use to the side. For example, they may be using potential paid client time on hold or have blocked out money opportunities to speak with someone that will never pay for anything. Are they supposed to give away knowledge that they have paid to obtain, or knowledge that was free but they took the time to research when one could do the same research for themselves? Why should they do that for free? If you are the business in this scenario, understand that your time is valuable and should be respected and paid for. Especially when the inquirer‘s endgame with the help of the information you provide is growth, success, and/or increase in revenue. I mean you could absolutely give free away knowledge. I do it all the time. Except I do it on my terms and it is not business specific. It is your prerogative to decide if you want to charge or not. Just understand that you have the right to charge. If charging is what you decide to do, hold firm on your decision. Do not let professional finaglers, bottom feeders, the never-payers, or the why-would-I-research-when-you-can-just-tell-me people take advantage of your kindness. Especially if your business revolves around business growth and development. They are literally asking you to give away the services that your business os built on and that pays your bills for free.

For me, sitting on the phone completely stops my day in its tracks. If calls are not scheduled, they put me behind and cause me to lose money. If you haven't paid for my time, I do not speak. The only calls I take are inquiries on how to book or what the booking process is. I do not answer business specific questions on unscheduled calls. You must retain me for me to have those conversations. I use email or messaging for potential clients and calls for current clients. That is my business structure and it works. Those that can't comply are not my clients & I live stress free by allowing them to walk away when they unsuccessfully away me to adjust for them.

Businesses have every right to refuse service that they do not want and I refuse unpaid service regularly to make dedicated room for committed clients and businesses that are ready to move on their inquiries. I don't start researching, drafting, or even thinking about anything until I am at least retained. I do this so in the event that someone changes their mind, my time, thoughts, and efforts are compensated. Why do "good" businesses have to things for free? When someone requires pay upfront to speak with them, the client will either pay to speak or don't and go find someone that will offer free advice. There are plenty out there that offer free calls...until they change their structure as well. Most businesses eventually do change their structure because time wasted is money lost and unfortunately, many people that inquire tend to waste your time. Not all, but many. Look at it this way, if your employer said, hey, can you come in for a shift and try this new work procedure out but, we aren't paying for today because we just want to know how the process looks with you in place. Would you go? Absolutely not! Consider the client as the employer, and you as the worker. If the employer doesn't pay, you don't do the work. It’s a simple concept that many would follow. Even someone only wants a 30 minute or one hour phone call/task. Whatever your hourly is, do the math and then make them pay!

Many are afraid that they will lose out on potential customers, and you should not be. Customers that you always have to finagle with or over explain why your prices are the way that they are will drive you insane and you will one day. You will get to the point of not even wanting their money. Save yourself the stress and start gaining customers that respect you and your business. We never question department store prices so why do we demand explanations on small business pricing. It’s time to break that cycle within your circle.

My response to all business specific questions:

I would love to help you with your questions. Let's schedule a call or video chat so we can address your business specific needs and inquiries. We would love to help you move towards your goals in your business whether it be with our services, advice, or courses to help you grow your capabilities. Book an initial $35 call or coaching session with me online now at minovet.com/book-online. If you prefer invoicing for your records we can also accomodate you per your request.

If they are on the fence about calling, I up the anti and offer them a freebie in exchange for them booking their first call.

I can offer first time callers an additional 30 minutes free of charge. This can be an addition to your first call or a 2nd, separate booking.

Then they will either respond positively and book or they won't...🤷🏽‍♀️. Stand firm on your business structure. Don't let the entitled break down your business. Remember, free doesn't pay the bills and respect must be demanded!


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