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Sample Pack includes:

  • 1 small bonnet - with tier #1 branding
  • 1 medium bonnet - with tier #1 branding
  • 1 large bonnet - with tier #2 branding
  • 1 small 5"x7" branded keepsake bag
  • 2 yards of branded ribbon
  • product card inserts for each bonnet



Tier #1 Branding - add name or logo to your bonnet's:

  • ribbon ties
  • product tag
  • product packaging

Tier #2 Branding

  • tier #1 branding plus the body of the bonnet
    • please note that glitter designs will remove the reversible feature on our bonnets as the glitter will grab onto the hair.


Complete our Sample Bonnet Pack order form online here or

Add bonnet color choices in comments when ordering and SEND GRAPHIC/LOGO DESIGNS TO INFO@MINOVET.COM

(files accepted .png, .svg .ai - minimum 300dpi. Orders not meeting these requirements may be subject to a $25 graphic setup fee. Please inquire with us for your graphic design needs


These bonnets are very soft to the touch and will protect your hair and will not steal the moisture from your hair. All bonnets include a tie-able ribbon and can be left as-is for a comfortable stretchy and very flexible perimeter or hand-tied for a perfect fit.


These satin bonnets are grades above your beauty supply store or drug store bonnets. These bonnets will last, can be machine laundered, and they don't have any inside seams or exposed elastic that will damage our fragile edges. We have to #SaveThatBabyHair and maintain our edges. Bonnets with these characteristics are essential to people like me that have very fragile and thinning hair and edges due to illness and medication, but all need to take care of their hair so this bonnet is perfect for everyone. Durable enough to contain lengthy and heavy locs, and gentle enough to protect the most fragile hair types and baby hair.


Size Details:

  • Large - Our top selling oversized bonnet is large enough to fit the most voluminous hair. It provides a comfortable and lazy fit for tied hair, short hair or less voluminous Hair and provides plenty of room for afros, natural hair pineapples, locs, braids, weaves, rollers, and bender rods, and updos without compacting your hair.
  • Medium - Standard sized bonnet. Will fit youth or adults. Compare the size to a traditional beauty supply or drug store bonnets.
  • Small - This bonnet is perfect for precious tiny curls. It can be worn as a bonnet with room in the cap on smaller children or it can be worn like a fitted beanie on braided or tied hair on older youth. Long and voluminous hair may need a size up.


***We do not recreate another brand or logo placement without the written consent of the design owner. The personalization fee is required for rebranding***

Images are for your reference. We have a wide range of colors to chose from. You can order specific colors or order a mixed lot. Mixed lots are randomly selected from our current inventory.


Bonnet Sample Pack

Bonnet Color
Inside Bonnet Color
Ribbon Tie Color
Graphic/Logo Finish
  • Coupons and discounts are not available for sale or wholesale items. Coupons used on discounted items will be adjusted via invoicing and items will not be fulfilled or sent until payment adjustments are completed. Orders not settled within after 7 days of notification will be canceled and refunds will be sent in the same form of payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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