Bonnet Wholesale

Bonnet Wholesale

Color: Select your color or order mixed lot (white available as well) 

Size: Various Sizes

Adjustability: optional - no adjustability, adjustability with ribbon or adjustability with elastic cording with cord lock

Style: Standard or Ruffled Edge available



Leave the color choice in the description box.

  - outside color + inside color + ribbon color (if applicable)


(Color and style variations allowed every 10 bonnets. There are no restrictions on mixing sizes of the same color and style). We will be in contact with you within 24 hours (during business hours) to confirm your color choices. Add-ons will be billed via invoice, if applicable.


Our exact price breakdown is listed in the price chart in the images. Please note that when ordering with our online ordering system here, the price is for un-imprinted (blank) bonnets without ribbons. An invoice will be sent for your customization additions. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

  • Product Details

    These bonnets are very soft to the touch and will protect your hair and will not steal the moisture from your hair. Bonnets can include a tie-able ribbon that can be left as-is for a comfortable stretchy and very flexible perimeter or hand-tied for a perfect fit.

    These satin bonnets are grades above your beauty supply store or drug store bonnets. These bonnets will last, can be machine laundered, and they don't have any inside seams or exposed elastic that will damage our fragile edges. We have to #SaveThatBabyHair and maintain our edges. Bonnets with these characteristics are essential to people like me that have very fragile and thinning hair and edges due to illness and medication, but all need to take care of their hair so this bonnet is perfect for everyone. Durable enough to contain lengthy and heavy locs, and gentle enough to protect the most fragile hair types and baby hair.

    Size Details:

    • Large - Our top selling oversized bonnet is large enough to fit the most voluminous hair. It provides a comfortable and lazy fit for tied hair, short hair or less voluminous Hair and provides plenty of room for afros, natural hair pineapples, locs, braids, weaves, rollers, and bender rods, and updos without compacting your hair.
    • Medium - Standard sized bonnet. Will fit youth or adults. Compare the size to a traditional beauty supply or drug store bonnets.
    • Small - This bonnet is perfect for precious tiny curls. It can be worn as a bonnet with room in the cap on smaller children or it can be worn like a fitted beanie on braided or tied hair on older youth. Long and voluminous hair may need a size up.

    All items are #handmade with love! Order now!

    Initial images are of the actual style being sold, not specifically the size. Make sure to select the desired size when ordering. The following images are for your reference.

    Personalization options include:

    • design a unit with a standard or ruffled edge (no additional charge)
    • add an adjustable ribbon (upcharge required)

    Images are for your reference. We have a wide range of colors to chose from. You can order from our signature line or pick your own specific colors for a single color line or a mixed lot. 1 style per 10 units is allowed. (i.e. A 20 unit order can include 2 color/styles varieties, a 100 unit order can include 10 color/style varieties)

    There is a minimum on quantity for style variations but there is no minimum on size variations. You can mix and match sizes as you please in each order regardless of order size. Contact us to order a mixed size lot.

  • Terms of purchase

    All sales are final. No cash refunds. All custom items are confirmed before beginning any production, so please double check the spelling or layout of any personalization before confirming your orders. 

  • Shipping

    Shipping times and price will vary according to your shipping method. This information is available to you in the checkout process. 

  • Coupons and Discounting

    No coupons or additional discounts can be used on wholesale, clearance, or currently discounted items unless the coupons states otherwise. Items wrongly processed with coupons will be canceled and refunded unless full payment is made to satisfy the current list price. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. info@minovet.com


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