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Crochet Tutu Sets

Crochet Tutu Sets

These crochet tutus are set on a crochet waistband. This tutu design gives you a fully fluffed skirt. It comes with two full rows of tulle versus a single row that some other designs provide. It can be made with a traditional straight edge look or fairy style with pixie edges. Please leave a note in the description if you prefer the pixie edged tutu. The straight edge is the default selection.


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Prepare to turn heads! Great for birthdays, family photos, events, and vacation looks. Add a shirt with many style options for everyone in the family or group. Inquire today! info@minovet.com


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  • Can I order coordinating outfits for everyone?

    Your options are endless, but here is a list of items I make regularly and can be customized and available in all sizes.


    • Tutus (tulle or fabric)
    • Skirts
    • T-Shirts customized w/vinyl
    • T-Shirts customized w/fabric enhancements


    • Bows
    • Socks - Ribbon or Lace Lined
    • Large Headwraps
    • Small Headwraps (headbands)
    • Scarfs
    • Scrunchies
    • Wrist or Ankle Ties

    Anything you can think of, I can create it!


  • Fulfillment Time

    Check our calendar for current fulfillment times.

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