Retaining Fee for Custom Orders

Retaining Fee for Custom Orders

Retain me as your custom designer now!

  • What does this fee include?

    This retainer fee holds your place in the production line, and ensures that you will receive the very delicate and detailed step of creating your custom ensemble to your liking in a timely manner. All prepaid fees will go towards your final purchase and is transferable (before production of your items begin), but NON REFUNDABLE. Please understand that this fee allows my business to run smoothly and efficiently and helps keep all uninterested parties from consuming time that is dedicated to paying customers. This step cannot be omitted when ordering custom designed items. Of course you can always select the items you would like to include in your set from our store and pay in full as well. The option is yours. Full assembly of your ensemble does not begin until all balances are met.

  • How do I order?

    Message me from the site to start the production process. Once you have retained me and my time, I will be in constant contact with you to draft, tweak, and perfect your design until everyone is happy with the look. Once we agree on a custom design, pricing and invoicing will follow and your design production will begin and I will provide an estimated completion time. No items will be purchased for your design until your invoices have been paid. Don't forget to subscribe for your instant coupon available for immediate use! Remember, there is no inventory for custom designs. All designs are made with love💝. Please allow  up to 2-3 weeks for custom order production and allow time for shipping. Expedited service is available for a small fee. Happy Shopping! #hashtagthat #Minovet #SimplyMINO

  • Items available to be customized

    Your options are endless, but here is a list of items I make regularly and can be customized.


    • Branded Gear
      • T-shirts
      • Outterwear
      • Tops and Bottoms
      • Shoes
      • Hats
      • and more...


    • Bonnets
    • Gift Bags
    • Bags/Luggage
    • Office Supplies
    • Cups/Mugs
    • and more...

    Anything you need branded we can provide it!


    We have partnered with SmokedStones.com to offer custom jewelry options that can now be included in your ensemble.


  • Is the Custom Ensemble Order Form required?

    Yes. The Custom Ensemble Order Form aids us in the designing process. This form goes into greater detail about the event that you are trying to create a custom outfit for. You can let us know about the event details, the theme of the event, and any other specific details that we would need to know when creating your look. On this form you can also give us the names, sizes, and clothing or accessory pieces you would like to include in the set. It may be a little redundant if you have already spoken to someone on our team, but this form will reduce the rare chance of any mix ups on the design (i/e spelling, size, etc) when it is filled out by the purchasers themselves. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns when filling out this form.


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