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Wholesale Custom Ribbons - 20yards

Wholesale Custom Ribbons - 20yards

Custom ribbon for packaging, presentation, or tagging


The ribbon is available in a textured grosgrain or smooth satin finish. Multiple colors are available and can be made on a continuous roll or cut into 2" premade bows for your convenience. (Four 2" completed bows per 1 yard).


If you are ordering custom ribbon to use as product tags, the ribbon will be a double-sided satin sent on a continuous roll or can be precut with heat sealed ends. The continuous roll can be cut and sewn into seams or cut and heat-sealed for top-stitching to apparel items.


The amount of tags you will receive per order depends on the size of the tag needed. Some examples of quantities per order are shown below.

The margin of error is +/- 5 tags. 

  • 1" tags of any size ribbon will = about 660 tags
  • 1.5" tags of any size ribbon will = about 460 tags
  • 2" tags of any size ribbon will = about 350 tags
  • 3" tags of any size ribbon will = about 230 tags
  • 4" tags of any size ribbon will = about 180 tags

Tags can be printed horizontally or vertically.


Full-color text or graphics are allowed on white ribbon only. All colored ribbon will be printed with black text and graphics only. If a colored ribbon is needed, please request ribbon color in design notes when ordering. A design team member will be in contact with you within 2 business days to complete your order process which includes designing your ribbon.


Send all relevant documents, images, or needs to sales@minovet.com with your name and order number in the subject line. Simple text-only designs can be created by our team members at no charge. Detailed designs do require a design fee of $35.  This fee will be invoiced to you or you can start with the design portion before ordering this product.


To begin ribbon or tag designs that require full consultations with our design team, please book your call here - Design Solutions by Minovet. The fee is $75 which includes your design meeting and $40 towards your product purchase. 

  • Return Policy

    No returns or exchanges on custom orders. All sales are final. Please contact us within 3 days of receiving order to address concerns. Email us at info@minovet.com.

  • Graphic/Logo Uploads

    If customization is needed, please send your high-quality graphic to us via email at sales@minovet.com. Please leave your order number and name in the subject line. A member of our design team will be in contact with you within 1 business day to verify your design.

    Images will be printed as they are. If fine-tuning or enhancements are needed to produce the best print quality possible, a $35 design fee may be proposed. Any design upgrades can be refused. We are not responsible for poor print quality when design upgrades have been declined. All sales are final on custom orders.

    Preferred file types are:

    • .ai
    • .afdesign
    • .svg
    • .esp
    • .png

    Other acceptable files types are:

    • .jpeg (minimum 300 dpi)
    • .pdf
    • Please note that a .jpeg or .pdf file may incur an additional $35 design fee if they are not of high-quality or require extra designing to produce a cut-able image if vinyl pressing is needed

    Logos or graphics that include full color or gradient images can only be pressed onto light color items without an additional fee.

    •  Light colors include:  white, silver, light gray, yellow, light pink, light blue, lilac, champagne, and aqua. 
    •  Any white parts of your graphic will show as an absence of color. White will show as the fabric color. Example:  If your fabric is light pink, any white parts in your logo will be light pink.

    Logos that include solid colors (up to 3 colors) can be printed and/or pressed onto any color item.

    If you are in the need of design services, we can help. Simple graphic designs start at $35. This service is best used to create graphics for your products that are separate from your logo. We do not use or resell any paid for graphics. Contracts are provided to release the rights to the buyer. Full logo designs that will be used to represent your brand start at $175 for basic designs and $250 for detailed designs. Contracts are provided that release the rights of the designs to the buyer. All graphics will be provided in .jpeg, .png, and .pdf. Logos also come with a vector art file that may be edited for future use by any graphic designer.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email (sales@minovet.com) or here in the chatbox live during business hours to inquire about the design process before ordering. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions. 

$3.00 per 1 Yard
Color: White