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Personal Face Masks

Personal Face Masks

Everyday-use personal face masks for the general public by Minovet. Masks have pockets where a disposable mask or your own filter can be added.  More styles and colors are added weekly. Check other listing for new styles. Some styles are in limited supply. Once they are gone and they may not ever be restocked. We advise prompt ordering of the style you love so you don’t miss out.
  • Handmade Mask Coverage Information

    Please read - Our masks do not replace N-95 or surgical masks.

    • Our masks are made from cotton materials and are breathable.
    • These masks are two-ply, and the pocketed versions have room to add your own filter
    • Masks can be better than nothing.
    • Masks may prevent some people from touching their faces.
    • These masks can be worn over hospital-grade masks or hospital masks/filters can be inserted into the pockets of the pocketed version of these masks.

    These masks do not replace hospital-grade or N-95 masks. Our masks are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any diseases including but not limited to: Covid-19 or the Flu Virus.

    Please visit our blog for links to relevant content about personal use masks.

  • Fulfillment and Shipping Time

    Please allow 2-3 business days for fulfillment time on ready-to-ship items. Shipping time depends on the shipping method selected at checkout. Please refer to the information there for shipping times. 

  • Handmade Manufacturing Process

    These items are handmade with love. Your health and safety are very important to us. All work areas are cleared of debris and sanitized multiple times throughout the day. Our employees practice cleanliness and frequent handwashing. Hand sanitizer is also readily available at every manufacturing, packaging, and shipping stations. These masks are hot-pressed and steamed during the creation process and steamed once again before packaging.

    All of our items are cut and assembled by hand, so no two items are exactly alike. Pattern styles may vary from item to item on patterned prints.

  • Care Instructions

    Please wash before use.

    Please wash after daily use.

    Wash Hot, Dry Hot, Iron Hot

    Handle masks with clean hands to prevent cross-contamination.

    Make sure to place interior side of mask to face only if removing and replacing multiple times during use.


  • Branding and Rebranding Options

    This is a Minovet Product and comes with a Minovet tag/label and in Minovet packaging. White label service is for wholesale items in our shop. Minimums (MOQ) applies for white label service and all custom manufacturing.

    Our Minovet Original Items cannot be white-labeled but are available for wholesale/resale. These Minovet items are packaged, shelf-ready, and ready to sell.

    For a full custom order, please click here for custom wholesale bonnets.