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Social Media Graphics

Please note that basic graphics are sold in groups 

Quantity of 1 Basic Graphic = 5 final products 

Quantity of 1 Basic Graphic Bulk = 30 final products

Quantity of 1 Detailed Graphic  = 1 final product 

You can mix and match sizes and styles or select from our suite of templates. We can also design from scratch. Let us know your theme, color scheme and send us your pictures, quotes, phrases, logos or anything that you would like to be included in your order and we'll do the rest.  You can place your order immediately and someone will be in contact with you with 24 hours to get your order details. You will receive a voucher that must be used to claim your order. It will be good for 90 days. We offer this to help large orders plan for their posts without stressing on design ideas all at once. Plan all of your posts in advance and save for later or come back when your next big idea is ready to be promoted.  

We can provide:	
♔ Facebook posts, banners, or video thumbnails
♔ Instagram posts, stories, IGTV, or highlight icons	
♔ Youtube EndScreens, thumbnails, transparent logos or images	
♔ Removal of background with shadows
♔ Business Card Graphics	
♔ and more... 

Save when you buy big. Basic designs are $15 each. Medium to Large scale (6” and up) Print-ready designs are $25 and up. Please inquire for detailed designing or bulk orders (30 or more). Minimums do not apply for the higher-priced detailed graphics.
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