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T-Shirts (Infant/Youth)

T-Shirts (Infant/Youth)

Allow Minovet to custom create the perfect shirt to match your even theme. All boutique shirts come with a bow embellishment. You have the option to personalize the shirt with a name, phrase, owned logo, design we create, or just keep the shirt free of designs, still with a bow. You pick your size, your style, and the color of your shirt and we will create the magic. Any color and coordinating *theme is available.


Minovet will draft your designs and have them for you to confirm or adjust within 1-2 work days (Mon-Fri). I typically provide multiple drafted designs for you to choose from so I can get an understanding of the style you desire. You select the draft you love the most, and then we confirm your design, or we will adjust the design as needed until you are 100% satisfied with the desgin. Doing so, we ensure we are meeting your needs. No shirts are made until your draft choices have been confirmed.


Drafts are created once your retainer or your order has been paid for, if you skip the retainer step. No items are made until full payment is made and until you are completely satisfied with your drafts and have confirmed the designs. I want to ensure that you receive exactly what you want. If I ever have any questions I will not hesitate to ask and I would love for you to do the same to ensure we all have the best experience designing together. 


Fulfillment for all products may take up to 2 weeks after the final payment date. Please keep that in mind when you are confirming and making your final payment.  Specialty items or large orders may require an additional week of production time, but all will be discussed and confirmed during consultation. Fulfillment time does not include shipping time. 


All of my items are made with love, and no two items are exactly alike. Most items are made to order, so you never have to settle and be exactly like anyone else. Come and get exactly what you want. Let me make your vision come to life! #ShopWithMinovet 


*We do not make exact design recreations or use any licensed images in any of our creations. We do accept inspiration ideas to meet your needs, but all of our designs are made in-house and original. Instead of copying other's work, we use colors and our own creativity to match your outfits to any theme. We respect other's work and under no circumstances will we steal anyone elses images.


Coordinating family shirts available too! Click here to add a shirt. Prepare to turn heads! Great for birthdays, family photos, events, and vacation looks. Add a shirt with many style options for everyone in the family or group. 

  • Handmade Manufacturing Process

    This item is handmade with love by Minovet in the USA. Although we use the same production process on all of these orders, no two items are the same.

  • Fulfillment and Shipping Time

    Fulfillment for custom orders is at least 2 weeks or more. Please check our production calendar on our home pages to see our availability or contact us to confirm fulfillment times. 

    Shipping varies depending on the shipping option chosen at checkout. Shipping times is in addition to fulfillment times.

  • Can I order coordinating outfits for everyone?

    Yes. Your options are endless, but here is a list of items I make regularly and can be customized. Sizes available for all.


    • Tutus (tulle or fabric)
    • Skirts
    • T-Shirts customized w/vinyl
    • T-Shirts customized w/fabric enhancements


    • Bows
    • Socks - Ribbon or Lace Lined
    • Large Headwraps
    • Small Headwraps (headbands)
    • Scarfs
    • Scrunchies
    • Wrist or Ankle Ties

    Anything you can think of, I can create it!

  • Return Policy

    There are no returns or refunds accepted on custom items. Please contact us if there are any issues with your order. 


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